Celebrate Vacation Rental Week with ICND March 8-12, 2021!!

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ICND is excited to be participating in the 2nd Annual Vacation Rental week! This year, we’d like to use this opportunity to help highlight the value and benefits of professionally managed vacation rentals for the guests and the property owners. We’d also like to encourage you to book your stay or entrust your vacation property to the property managers. Read More...

New Year…New Digital Marketing Plan? (ICND’s Tips for 2021)

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As the New Year starts to kick-off, companies ask themselves a few questions about their vacation rental digital marketing efforts.

“Is this the year I create that new marketing plan I always wanted and start exploring a new creative platform?” Read More...

#BookDirect Day 2021: Tips, Ideas, Strategies (example page designs)

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It’s amazing how the vacation rental industry has become so dependent on online travel agencies. There’s nothing wrong with OTA’s but let’s face it, it results in extra fees for the guest. With the online travel agencies owning a large portion of the online advertising space, it can be difficult to find your place when it comes to digital marketing for vacation rentals. Particularly when your goal is to generate direct bookings! Read More...

How To: Travel Safely in 2021

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Traveling in 2021

The Pandemic of 2020 taught us all a lot and some of those lessons should stay with us throughout our life. For example, the science behind viruses and the importance of following CDC health and cleanliness guidelines. Read More...

Tips for Marketing Your Vacation Rentals in the Off Season

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For most of our local vacation rental companies here in the Carolinas, we’ve officially entered the off season. This usually means a booking drought until the start of the next year when guests start planning their spring and summer vacations. But what can you be doing during this time to keep rentals filled? Below are some tips on how to give your properties more exposure to potential guests in the off season and how to utilize this downtime to improve your website. Read More...

Why Do I Need A Website

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As a business owner, you have to think of multiple aspects of how you are going to achieve your goals in your industry. You need a product or service that people need, a way to deliver that product or service, and marketing to get the word out. Whether you are a small bakery, a consignment shop, or even a coffee shop, proper understanding of marketing is essential. Read More...

Conversions: Think Bigger than Dollars

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No matter how you cut it, websites can be a massive, necessary investment for vacation rental companies. As technology has advanced and become a larger part of our everyday lives, people are spending more and more time searching for things online. This makes having a well-optimized website that ranks well in Google a must-have if you want to compete and earn organic traffic. Depending on your specific market, you could be competing with millions of other search results – which is why it’s so important to have ongoing SEO services for your vacation rental website. Read More...

Why You Need Ongoing SEO Services For Your Vacation Rental Company

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This is in no way a sales pitch. It’s just the truth.

SEO, or any vacation rental marketing services, is not a one time endeavor that your business can check off a list and never have to worry about it again. Instead it demands continuous attention to reach its maximum potential and to remain an effective tool for your business. Search Engine Optimization is an investment, not an expense. The difference between ranking #5 vs #3 for target high-converting keywords can lead to anywhere from 15% to 35% more traffic to your website! Read More...

Travel After COVID-19

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COVID-19 came in roaring like a lion in March, and it hit the tourism industry hard, but it didn’t stop us from traveling. ICND has seen many of our clients hit a detour as many states shut down to help protect their residents from the virus. But domestic tourism didn’t stop for long. Yes, the tourism industry took a hit, but it has proven to us all that it will rise again even stronger than before. Read More...