What to Do for SEO When You’re Already Ranking #1

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Nothing. Let that baby ride.

…I’m joking. Unless you’re 100% content with the traffic and revenue you’re bringing in at #1 (and don’t really care if you get passed for that position in the future), then that’s not the approach we’d recommend when it comes to your SEO.  Read More...

Don’t let ‘SEO Agency Audits’ & scare tactics trick you into better rankings

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I’ve seen it more than I like. It eats at me. Annoys me. It even makes me internally “eye roll”. But yet, the dark cloud surrounding SEO triggers fear in website owners, especially when tools like SEM Rush or Moz spit out audit reports that have thousands of errors. These tools are NOT how you do vacation rental SEO. They are merely helpful guides. Read More...


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Are you managing your Adwords budget efficiently during COVID-19 travel?

In the world of Digital Marketing, every question has the same answer, “It depends”.No two clients are the same and each business requires a unique marketing strategy that fits in with it’s voice and plan. In the COVID-19 era, travel is inevitably going to be different which means your marketing strategy is going to have to be different too. We’ve all seen or heard the term GEO-targeting floating around internet chat rooms, making its way into casual water cooler conversations but what does it actually mean? Well if you aren’t using Geo-targeting in your Google Adwords campaigns, you may be losing valuable traffic and worse yet, your hard earned $$$ .

Content Audit Guide: Increase Ranking & Improve User Experience

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A  How To Guide on Deleting Content

What is a content audit and how can it help you increase website traffic + conversions. Let’s start with the definition: A Content Audit is a way to get rid of under performing low quality pages to improve the health of a website.

The Absolute Best Digital Marketing Memes (and why they’re so funny!)

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You can call us “techy”, or maybe even “nerdy” or “geeky”, but any way you slice it, we have digital marketing inside jokes that really only make sense to us marketers. I mean, let’s face it, SEO is a dark art. There are so many facets and changes that it’s not only hard to keep up with, but the learning curve takes YEARS to really master. Rather than just writing about SEO, SEM, Email and algorithm changes, lets bring out the funny! Read More...