What to Do for SEO When You’re Already Ranking #1

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Nothing. Let that baby ride.

…I’m joking. Unless you’re 100% content with the traffic and revenue you’re bringing in at #1 (and don’t really care if you get passed for that position in the future), then that’s not the approach we’d recommend when it comes to your SEO.  Read More...

Tips for Marketing Your Vacation Rentals in the Off Season

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For most of our local vacation rental companies here in the Carolinas, we’ve officially entered the off season. This usually means a booking drought until the start of the next year when guests start planning their spring and summer vacations. But what can you be doing during this time to keep rentals filled? Below are some tips on how to give your properties more exposure to potential guests in the off season and how to utilize this downtime to improve your website. Read More...

Common Google Search Console Errors: What They Mean & How to Fix Them

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Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a free platform that gives valuable insights about your website, allows you to update Google about your website changes, and informs you when Google’s crawl bot picks up any errors on your site that can impact usability and performance in the search results. Read More...