ICND Featured As VRM Intel’s Best Websites of 2015

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Congratulations to Amy Hinote of VRM Intel for the first and second issue of VRM Intel Magazine. Many Vacation Rental Manager’s and Industry Suppliers follow her site religiously for industry news and information.

ICND is honored to have had one of our websites – www.DeepCreekVacations.com featured on VRM Intel’s Best Websites of 2015 list. The sites were graded based on a series of criteria that included:

Website Not Mobile Friendly? Watch Out For Devastating Results.

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Over the past few years, sales of smartphones have exploded. Everywhere I look, I see people glued to the screen of their iPhone, Galaxy, or Nexus device. We have passed the point where only teenagers and tech hipsters own iPhones, now there is a good chance your parents and grandparents own one as well. In a study published earlier this year by Nielson, 7 out of 10 Americans now own a smart phone. Nielson Study

People are in love with their phones and the freedom to access the internet anytime, anyplace.  Even Google is predicting that mobile users will surpass desktop users sometime next year. The mobile era is here and everyone is happy. Well, almost everyone. For those of us who earn a living from our websites, things have been a little more challenging lately. Cell phone screens are small and reading text from a website can be difficult and frustrating — often resulting in the user leaving the site and moving on to the next one.

Ocean Isle Inn Launches New Website!

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ICND is proud to present a newly designed, responsive website, for our long time client the Ocean Isle Inn. We have been working with the team from the Ocean Isle Inn for many years, and this is the third redesign they have gone through with ICND. The newest site showcases large photos of the hotel grounds and has been built to be mobile friendly responsive.

 The new website

Barefoot Technologies Logo Redesign

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InterCoastal Net Designs and Barefoot Technologies have been partnering together to help mutual vacation rental clients for many years.  We are both members are the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) and enjoy working together on projects. Barefoot provides a user friendly Property Management system for vacation rental companies, and ICND uses the API to integrate with a custom designed website for seamless user experience.

Recently Barefoot approached ICND with a project; redesigning their logo and creating a newsletter template for them to utilize in their email marketing campaign. We’re excited to announce their new logo choice below!

ICND’s design team worked with the Barefoot team to capture a more modern look and feel, while sticking to the base of Barefoot Brand.  Now that the logo has been completed, we hope to have a newsletter design soon! We’re excited to work with a member of the VRMA community not only on mutual client projects, but on their internal efforts as well.

ICND to Redesign Mount Pleasant Sewer and Waterworks Website

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InterCoastal Net Designs (ICND) has been partnering with Mount Pleasant Sewer and Waterworks for their website development and hosting needs for many years. We first began working with them in late 2008 and have a great partnership with them to this day. We are excited to announce that we will be working on redesigning a website for them this fall. The new website will be responsive, clean, and easy to navigate. Some of the features of the new website will include;

  • Online employment panel where job openings will be listed and applicants can apply via the website, as well as receive updates on the status of the opening.
  • Integration