Pay Per Click

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As a Google Adwords Partner, ICND will log into your paid advertising search engine accounts and review your progress.  We’ll be looking at how your ads are set up, how granular your categories are, and the quality score for your keyword phrases.  

We’ll make suggestions on adjusting overall daily budgets, seasonal spend, as well as individual keyword bids.  Many times our work will allow for you to spend less over time by targeting your ads to better qualified search pages and increase conversions.

Improve PPC Conversions

Account & Campaign Optimization

ICND will target your keyword phrases and group them into a specific Campaign within your Account.

Ad Copy Creation

We will create ads for each group of keyword phrases and test out the results and optimize your campaigns for the best serving ads to show the most.

Keyword Research & Placement

We do keyword research related to your company and competition and optimize your placement for the best visibility vs. cost.

Landing Page Creation

There is no better way to capture a lead than with a well built, optimized landing page. Our team creates custom landing pages every day for our clients that convert leads to customers.

Conversion Tracking & Analytics

We can help you track everything! We'll show you where you're making the biggest impact with your paid campaigns and SEO.


Not only does our team give you up to date information whenever you need it. We also send all our clients a monthly report showing exactly what we did and how we will improve your numbers for the next month.

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