Your Guide to Blogging for Vacation Rental Websites

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One of the most common questions from companies in the vacation rental space I get asked time and time again is in regard to blogs. How should they be written? What’s standard practice? How many should I write? How long should they be? Do they help with SEO?  

Latest Factors That Affect Your Organic Rankings

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As an Account Executive for a InterCoastal Net Designs, an Internet Marketing Firm, I often get the question, “What are you doing with the time we’re paying for SEO”.  Many times, when we tell them everything we’ve done, they look at me with their eyes crossed and head spinning, wondering, “What does this all mean and will it help my rankings?”  Recently, our SEO Director passed around the link to Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO Elements to explain the different factors and how each affects your site’s organic rankings.

In this table, they’ve identified 34 SEO elements or “signals” that are divided into groups.  Just like in chemistry, there are elements or “signals” out there that are yet to be discovered, but can be predicted based on what’s currently been discovered and latest trends.

The three major groups of SEO are On the Page SEO, Off the Page SEO, and Violations.  The Search Engine Land Periodic Table weights each signal from -3 to -1 and 1 to 3.  3 having the most positive influence, and -3 having the most negative impact.

On the Page Factors include:

Content – Big surprise.  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “Content is King”.  As the most identifiable element in the SEO formula, many people can feel confident in identifying these signals that help your content rank well: Read More...

Link Building Timeline

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Often people ask how long it takes for search engines to notice new links between content on the web, including internal new content links and external backlinks. It would be wonderful if it were in fact instantaneous, but it’s not. There are a few factors involved in what influences the time that it takes for link building to positively affect your search ranking and we’ll address those here.

Impulse links are when you share a link on Facebook, G+ or tweet it to your followers. While we can share links socially, there is no guarantee if and when they will be seen or clicked on. Socially shared links do not have the same impact on organic search results as curated links but over time they do help your rankings.

Curated links are those that are added to your site or on someone else’s site that link back to you — a common link building practice. The search engines do not know when a link is added until one of its crawlers visits that page and crawls it. The frequency with which this happens is based on the history of your site. If the search engines have determined that you only update your site every 6-8 weeks then the crawlers will visit far less frequently than a site that updates daily.

Google analyzes new links to determine if the link is “earned” or not. Not all links that you set up will affect your search rankings. Google has to discern if the links are from trustworthy pages, that they abide by Google’s quality guidelines for link building, and that they are relative to the site overall.