Not A Pyramid Scheme

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How to Organize & Build Effective Internal Links

When it comes to Internal Links most people will just tell you to add links on each page to show Google your site’s pages are connected. This is just partially correct. There is a little more to Internal Read More...

Latest Factors That Affect Your Organic Rankings

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Contributed By:  Vanessa Humes   |   @VanessaICND  |    Vanessa on LinkedIn

As an Account Executive for a InterCoastal Net Designs, an Internet Marketing Firm, I often get the question, “What are you doing with the time we’re paying for SEO”.  Many times, when we tell them everything we’ve done, they look at me with their eyes crossed and head spinning, wondering, “What does this all mean and will it help my rankings?”  Recently, our SEO Director passed around the link to Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO Elements to explain the different factors and how each affects your site’s organic rankings.

In this table, they’ve identified 34 SEO elements or “signals” that are divided into groups.  Just like in chemistry, there are elements or “signals” out there that are yet to be discovered, but can be predicted based on what’s currently been discovered and latest trends.

The three major groups of SEO are On the Page SEO, Off the Page SEO, and Violations.  The Search Engine Land Periodic Table weights each signal from -3 to -1 and 1 to 3.  3 having the most positive influence, and -3 having the most negative impact.

On the Page Factors include:

Content – Big surprise.