Spring Cleaning for your Content

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How Fresh Content Can Help With Traffic

Springtime is here and we are slowly coming up to the prime summer months of our seasonal calendar. The House has been aired out and the dust has been brushed into the wind. (And if you are in the South, congrats on surviving the yellow snow that is Pollen).

Content Cleanup

You know what else needs a good “Spring Clean”, your website…mainly your pages and their content. Fresh content is not only good for your site, your visitors, and your own personal sanity, but Google likes fresh content as well. Stale words that have been on your site for years, can lose their meaning, their purpose, and their ranking within Google. Keep this in mind. Trends are constantly changing and updating. If your content is focused on old trends, then you will only be found when old trends are searched for.  

The Latest Trends

The Latest Search Trends

Think of your content like fashion. Back in the 80’s, it was neon colors, big hair, and Members Only Jackets. In the 90’s it was acid-washed jeans, capri pants, and crimped hair styles. As the years moved forward, fashion changed and evolved. Now these styles are called Vintage. This is the same with the content on your website. As the years move forward, so does the trend of vacation styles and needs. 

It used to be “surfing” was fun, then it was “cruising the boardwalk in a golf cart”, now it’s more about family games you can play on the beach. Times change, people change, and how people vacation change. With this, your site needs to change.

 How To Know What Is Trending

Searching For Trends

This is not as easy as just looking at the window and seeing what people are wearing or doing. There is a little more in how you find out what is trending. You can start with looking at other sites, or your competitors. Updating your site with the latest trends is not a new concept or a well kept secret. There is a good chance your competition has already started to update their content for the latest trends. 

Google Trends

The second place to look is in Google Trends. This source will give you a little insight as to keywords and searches that are being searched for. Using Google Trends will allow you to take a peak at past trends and how much traffic they can produce today. It can also help you research new trends.

Other sources are places such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, or even by using your Google Search Console. These platforms offer some free tools, but most you have to pay for. You could also always just give the ICND team a call and let our SEO specialists help you out.

Clean Sweep or Just A Touch-up

Cleaning Your Content

Sometimes it is good to give your content a clean sweep and rewrite everything. Just be careful when you do this. Sometimes a clean sweep will cause you to remove some items that have been helping you all along. Look over your content for anchors that have good internal links, or keywords that are important to your page. Make sure you keep this in your new content so that you don’t lose the quality they held.

In other times, if your ranking is really low and your traffic is starting to decrease, a clean sweep may be worth the try. Look at new ways to create internal links, or different variations of your keywords. This will help strengthen the page support, and it will allow you to showcase more keywords without “Keyword Stuffing”. 

Fresh New Look For Future Guests

Content to make your site strong

Once you get your content updated your site will be good to show off to all the new people that will get to see it. Like taking a new outfit out for a try, your site will be turning heads. You may even be the new envy of your competition.

Fresh content is good for the site, your guests, and for yourself. Don’t be afraid of the “Change”.

Author: Nathan Rood

Nathan has 2 degrees from Coastal Carolina University in English and Graphic Design. He also has a Master's Degree in Marketing. When he is not exploring & studying new SEO and PPC trends, he is spending time with his family and cheering along with Tealnation at CCU sporting events.