A.I. vs E.E.A.T.: The Battle of the Year

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The latest development in the SEO world has been the introduction of A.i. Sure, A.i. has been around longer than this year, but the use of it has become more and more popular with content writing and research. Now, don’t think that this is going to be an argument against A.i. I have nothing against using it. There are just a few things that I would point out before we rely heavily on the new A.i. Overload.

When we look at what Google, Bing, and other Search Engines are looking for we discover that it is just not random keywords sprinkled amongst fillers that make up sentences that we all feel would “sell” our product. There is something known as E.E.A.T. that (even with its unfortunate acronym), helps us understand a little more on what these Search Engines are looking for on our websites.

E.E.A.T. stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. Here are the bullet points to make this easier to understand.

  1. Experience: This is where your time in the area and your personal attention to industry plays a huge part. It is something that most will never understand unless they have be involved with each client, the owners, and even the marketing team to promote your properties
  2. Expertise: Search Engines want to know that they are providing experts to their searches. This just means that the site they want to display needs to show that the owners of that site understand the product they are providing. It’s not just flowery adjectives and colorful descriptions that will get you ranked, but actual facts that would show why your product is better than your competitors.
  3. Authoritativeness: Here, Search Engines need to know that the information about your product is accurate and not misleading in any way. The last thing we want to do is say when presenting a vacation rental that it is “Oceanfront” when in reality it sits a block away from the ocean and the only way you can see the water is if you climb on the roof. Your landing page needs to be honest about your product and why a visitor would get more out of seeing your site than a competitor’s site.
  4. Trustworthiness: All this means for you is that you need to present a site that can be trusted by the Search Engines and their guests. You can’t have small print that is the same color as the background, or say your rentals are all under $500 when in reality they vary in price. Be honest and present content, Headers, and Title Tags that represent you and your product.

A.i.’s involvement in Search Engine Ranking

A.i. writing your content

Now that you understand about E.E.A.T., we need to see how A.i. fits into it. The idea and concept behind A.i. is more than just putting in a phrase and telling it to write content that will rank. There needs to be a little more personal touch to the process. Using A.i. can help with that inevitable writer’s block that we have all faced when writing numerous bodies of content for various pages, but it can also make your content look “fake”. What I mean by this is that sometimes A.i. can use your suggestions and make it sound pretty, but there is not “feeling” behind it. 

I have a client that likes to take my content and add in their own personal touch because they know their clients. They understand what their clients are looking for when they come and stay in their area. They have called their area home for many years, and that expertise is what makes their content stronger than just what A.i. can spit out.

Add that personal involvement into your page content and property descriptions. Make the visitor understand what makes your properties better than the others. Leave out the extra fluff and get to the point of why staying at your rental will make that guest’s vacation better than if they had selected one from your competition. 

Personal Character is What Sells

Johnny 5 - A.i. from the 80's

Johnny 5 may have been alive in the 80’s, but today he would still just have been a robot with a vast knowledge of TV quotes and repetitive personalities that he would have seen on YouTube. As much as we are entertained by what we see on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, it is not pure. Most of those videos are just someone else copying what has already been done. 

That goes the same with your content and items on your website. Don’t just copy your competition, but add that personal character that reflects your determination to provide a quality property for your guest’s vacation. A.i. can only take your words so far. Sure A.i. can save you time on writing lines of content for your pages, but do they all sound similar and do they provide an emotion that will provide that “sold-factor” that a guest needs to say, “Yep, I want to spend my money here for my next vacation”.

Overall, the main point here is that although A.i. is good for helping us, that is all it needs to be used for…help. Once we begin to rely on A.i., we start to lose that connection that lets the next guest know that they can trust your site, that you have the expertise to provide a quality rental, and that you have the property authority presented that will not lead the guest down the wrong path.

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Author: Nathan Rood

Nathan has 2 degrees from Coastal Carolina University in English and Graphic Design. He also has a Master's Degree in Marketing. When he is not exploring & studying new SEO and PPC trends, he is spending time with his family and cheering along with Tealnation at CCU sporting events.