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4 Steps to a Stress-Free Morning Routine

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Feeling the stress from all the work-related chaos lately? With labor shortages and record occupancy rates we have weathered the highs and lows of the industry over the past year. From Property Managers to home buyers we are all feeling the stress this summer. To combat the stress I’d like to share a few things from my routine that I’ve trained myself to do over the years. So let’s dive in to 4 Steps to a Stress-Free Morning Routine Read More...

What to Do for SEO When You’re Already Ranking #1

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Nothing. Let that baby ride.

…I’m joking. Unless you’re 100% content with the traffic and revenue you’re bringing in at #1 (and don’t really care if you get passed for that position in the future), then that’s not the approach we’d recommend when it comes to your SEO.  Read More...

7 Steps to Refresh Your Old Website (and Rank Again!)

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The internet has been around for nearly 30 years, and websites become faster and easier to use with each year that goes by. For some businesses, keeping their web presence fresh is part of their brand DNA. But for others, especially companies who have been around since before the dot com boom of the 90’s, their website isn’t as much of a priority, which means it’s easy for it to become outdated and fall to page 5+ in search engines. Read More...

The 5 tips To Vacation Rental Photography | Guest Post

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To stand out in the vacation rental industry you must have stunning photos that capture what’s great and unique about your space. Photography is an art but there are some fundamental things to know in order to get some amazing shots. Read More...

Don’t let ‘SEO Agency Audits’ & scare tactics trick you into better rankings

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I’ve seen it more than I like. It eats at me. Annoys me. It even makes me internally “eye roll”. But yet, the dark cloud surrounding SEO triggers fear in website owners, especially when tools like SEM Rush or Moz spit out audit reports that have thousands of errors. These tools are NOT how you do vacation rental SEO. They are merely helpful guides. Read More...

The Benefits of Using Video and YouTube Ads for a Vacation Rental Property.

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Why Should You Market Your Vacation Rental Management Business with Videos?

The increase in travel video viewings has been attributed to the growing popularity of mobile devices for video consumption. As a result, it’s never been more important for you to include videos in your marketing campaign as a vacation rental manager. Videos are great publicity tools for the business as well as for each of your rental properties. Read More...


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Did you know that the team here at ICND is packed with some of the smartest, savviest, and sassiest ladies in our the tech and marketing industry?

Let’s take a closer look and see you these awesome ladies are! Read More...

Dynamic vs Standard in Google Ads

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Since the dawn of time (or at least when Google Ads was formed) Marketers have debated the infamous question of Dynamic Ads or Standard Ads. Phrases like, “it’s perfect for those that are lazy” and “I have more control this way”, have been popularly thrown out like misused Star Wars quotes. The conversation of the Dynamic-side vs the Standard-side still goes on today.