Decoding the Data: How to Leverage GA4 Insights for Vacation Rental Success

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Are you feeling left out of the loop? Like there is a secret GA4 club that you haven’t been invited to? Well don’t worry, our team at ICND is happy to invite you to join Read More...

Conversion Rate Woes: And your vacation rental website isn’t to blame

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Sure, we’ve all been there, making our websites slicker than a greased otter in hopes of boosting your conversions. (And we build some really slick vacation rental websites here at ICND.) But here’s the kicker: it’s not just about how snazzy your site website looks or runs. Nope. It’s a whole world of external factors playing puppet master with your conversion rates. Factors you may haven’t even thought about!

“When comparing YOY conversion rates, it’s never apples to apples. So many factors dictate how well you convert, even with the best website on the planet. “

Paul Hanak (that’s me, 20 year SEO veteran and 15 year vacation rental marketing expert)

Let’s warm up with an easy one.

1. Who’s Booking Your Rentals? The Surprising Demographics

Picture Hilton Head Island, where the over-45 crowd isn’t just a majority—they’re practically the whole audience, making up over 80% of guests. And here’s the kicker: a whopping 30% of these folks prefer old-school phone bookings.

It’s extremely rare a client has a fully functional call tracking system that can track conversions from different sources. They are either expensive or time-consuming to monitor. That leaves with a gap that isn’t bridged by an online conversion. Sure, they may be looking online, but then finally call to talk to that “real person”, thus making it seem like your PPC or social media efforts didn’t yield that result.

To top that off, demographics are constantly changing. Gone are the days where grandma and grandpa rent the same house in the OBX for the entire family, each and every year. Everything is shifting.

Action Item: When we do have clients with advanced tracking, we are able to attribute

GA4 Migration: 5 Steps To Not Miss

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At InterCoastal Net Designs, we understand the importance of data-driven marketing strategies for vacation rental businesses. As the digital landscape evolves, migrating from Google Universal Analytics Read More...

Will ‘Hosts’ Be Replacing Traditional VRMs in 2023?

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9 FAQ’s About Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

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The rumors are true Google has set a date to deprecate Universal Analytics – July 1 2023. The marketing Read More...

GA4 Explained: What It Is, How It’s Different & Everything You Need to Know

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If you’re a digital marketer or operate a business online and use Google Analytics, you’ve probably seen or heard some chatter about GA4. It was officially released in October 2020, when it became the new default Analytics property type when setting up new accounts.


Content Audit Guide: Increase Ranking & Improve User Experience

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A  How To Guide on Deleting Content

What is a content audit and how can it help you increase website traffic + conversions. Let’s start with the definition: A Content Audit is a way to get rid of under performing low Read More...

What’s Next for GDPR and Your Website?

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On May 25th the European Union officially implemented GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation.) The web design industry has been abuzz with this news for quite some time. At ICND we’ve put in the research and developed tactics necessary to assist our customers with this transition.

There are many moving parts to GDPR, but the three main points are listed below:

Users must consent to the processing of their personal data and companies must explain how data is collected and the intention for utilizing data.

Users have the right for their personal data to be deleted/forgotten.

If a website experiences a data breach, it must be reported within 72 hours.

We know GDPR can be confusing, but for our customers primarily operating and marketing within the United States, this is what GDPR means for you:

=&0=& We have created a new privacy policy that can be adopted by our customers. This revised privacy policy was specifically developed in response to GDPR, providing website users with more in-depth information on how their personal data may be collected and used.

Readily Available Contact & Data Controller Information:=&1=&=&2=&

Opt-Choice for Email Marketing: Upon completing a contact form on your website, users should have the ability to opt-in if they wish to receive further emails from your company.