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Modern technology has revolutionized the way that people find your website. According to Google, over 60% of travel related searches start on the internet. Companies of all sizes can use the search engines to compete on a local, national and global scale.

If you are seeking a marketing solution that will allow your company to expand its reach, target new customers, and enhance your bottom line then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be the solution for you. Let the vacation rental SEO experts at ICND assist your organization in leveraging the possibilities and power of the search engines.

What We Provide

We provide full package search optimization. ICND understands businesses aren't one size fits all. ICND’s SEO packages are available to fit your optimization needs. Our standard features were developed with essential performance in mind and offer clients the basics to gain visibility in their business category with superior results. Our standard features were developed with essential performance in mind and offer clients the basics to gain visibility in their business category with superior results.

Whether you are looking for just the basics or a supercharged SEO campaign to put your business on the fast track, there is an SEO package that is right for you.

Our SEO Services

Keyword Research

This is one of the most crucial steps in SEO as it helps us to understand your niche and market and allows us to lay the foundation for our SEO targeting. We utilize keyword research to determine the primary keywords to optimize for as well as find lower volume, long-tail keywords to target.

Competitor Analysis

We will review your competitor's link structure, review source code including title tags, alt tags, meta tags, and perform a thorough backlink analysis. This will help us lay out a blueprint for how we can help you outrank them and outperform your competition in the search engines.

Baseline Ranking

We will provide you with a report that displays where you website ranks in each of the major search engines based on the keywords we have selected. This report is provided on a bi-weekly basis and shows you the exact position you rank on each search engine for each given phrase.

Code Optimization

A website can render out properly in a browser window but still contain coding that causes it to be frowned upon by the search engines. We will take a look at content-to-code ratio as well as ensure that your code is well-written and is compliant with HTML standards. In addition, we'll perform necessary code optimization to help speed up your pages.

Link Building 

ICND will research relevant and credible sites that will positively impact your website with an inbound link. Most of the time these are paid directories that we will suggest that you purchase placement in. This is additional and we do not mark-up the cost of these links. We will also perform a link audit of your competition and use that information to acquire new links to your site you currently do not have.

Content Optimization

We optimize all page content to include accurate keyword density and text content. This is done page-by-page, making sure the content accurately represents the page's intended purpose. However, we also go page-by-page to make the sure the content is readable, looks great, interlinks to other pages and includes photos and calls to action where necessary.

Sitemap Generation

An XML sitemap tells Google what pages are on your website and which ones should be crawled. By regularly generating the sitemap.xml file and uploading it to the Google Search Console dashboard, you are letting Google know your website is fresh.

Citation Building

Citations are MENTIONS of your business name, including the address, phone numbers, website, and other information about your business. These are especially important in helping you rank well in the Google map pack. Not only will we optimize your current citations, but build new ones as well.


ICND will help you create blog posts to drive traffic to your site and make sure they are SEO-friendly. We'll help you make sure blogs aren't filled with spam, but link to important content to drive traffic throughout your site.


Ask The Experts


How Does the SEO Process Work?

We'll begin with an on-boarding call to get to know you and your business and to talk strategy. We operate on an hours basis, so once we begin our SEO efforts, one of our SEO specialists will work an agreed upon number of hours each month to improve your optimization. This will be an ongoing monthly process and will follow the plan we discuss in the original on-boarding call.

The SEO services we'll be providing in our ongoing efforts can be found in the services section below. All of these services are included in the monthly SEO hours you'll receive. We'll determine which of these your site is most in need of and prioritize them to help your site rank faster. We'll help you to understand what each of our services are and why we're doing them.

What Will You Receive in Your Monthly Reports?

At the beginning of each month, you'll receive a report from the previous month comparing the traffic and website performance from that month to the same month the previous year. This will break down data from Google Analytics such as sessions, page views, bounce rate, pages per session, revenue, conversion rate, and it will detail where your traffic is coming from. 

If we're managing any other digital marketing efforts for you such as PPC, social media, or email marketing, you'll also receive details and data related to those in the report.

Can We Guarantee #1 Rankings?

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that we can get you to the top spot for a specific term or give an exact timetable for when you'll see improvements. Anyone that promises either of these things doesn't understand SEO. We can promise, however, that you'll receive premier vacation rental SEO services from a team that genuinely cares about your success.

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