The Wild West of the Internet

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The thought of the Wild Wild West, no laws, no boundaries, no regulations.  It appears that the internet is a bit like the Wild Wild West.  Sure many of our laws and regulations of our for fathers and law makers give us some boundaries, but with many circumstances, the internet is still unregulated when it comes to privacy, hackers, and how businesses can operate.

The thought came to me after watching a TV special about the new movie "Catfish" a semi-documentary about a so-called "online romance" that suddenly turned into a suspense.  The main character, Nev fell in love with a girl named Megan.  After he had done a Google Search for one of the songs she had supposedly played for him he found out she was nothing but a fake.  This was not before he fell madly in love with her and wished to meet her.

Megan turned out to be a mother who lived in Michigan with her husband, two handicapped sons, and young daughter.  Diagnosed, schizophrenic, she had stolen people's pictures off of the internet and created characters for each of them and a whole story plot.  Though there were no laws broken, there were definitely broken hearts.

The internet opens your life to all kinds of privacy concerns from identity theft on social media sites, passwords, credit card numbers, and social security numbers.  It makes it even more important than ever that you host and create your website with people that you can tangibly touch, pick up the phone and call.  If someone like InterCoastal Net Designs manages your domain name, be wary of schemes from "businesses" that send you bills and emails for renewal.  Also, if ICND doesn't manage your domain name, make the call and let us help you never lose your domain name to anyone else. 

It's the Wild West out there.  Make sure your with a professional company you can trust.