Super-Secret Google "Caffeine": Businesses caught between Jolt and Jitters

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What is Google “Caffeine”?

First of all, Caeffeine is just a code-word (like Shock and Awe) for the secret project Google has been working on. Project was revealed in the last few days on Google’s official blog. So, it’s not so secret now. And it’s no big surprise that Google would reveal some fire power after Microsoft and Yahoo inked their deal.

What is Google Caffeine’s purpose?

Reportedly, Caffieine is an under the hood version of their existing search engine. What does that mean? “Caffeine” or whatever it will be called, uses the existing algorithm to produce results. However, those results will be “more comprehensive and streamlined”. As the code name suggests, this under-the-hood version will be faster. Faster how you ask? Who knows. Perhaps it will have a separate indexing process, or a more streamlined quality guideline that will be more black and white. If your website is built to Google-perfection, you’re in. If not, you’re out. Your guess is as good as any ones.

Google could be doing some spin-doctoring here, revealing a reportedly super secret, revolutionary product to pull headlines (and rising consumer use) from MicroHoo. Google is a multi-national state unto itself, so you shouldn’t be surprised if it starts acting like one.

Should businesses be worried?

For those business who live and die by their Google rankings, the answer is maybe. Google won’t do anything too detrimental to their advertiser base. But, they will shake things up in the name of consumer progress. But if you’re business is chasing the dragon (so to speak) with Google, you should get your hand slapped. Diverisify. Diversify. Diversify. Have you learned nothing from the current American economic meltdown? If not…remember what you’re grandmother used to tell you. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…even if that basket is Google.

Will Caffeine’s search results be any different from the standard Google SERP?

Well. According to Google. Yes. In reportedly “minor but significant” ways. I checked it out and found no differences as of yet…but perhaps this under the hood version relies more on user behavior? There have been rumors that Google has been enamored by real time search results fed by real time source like Twitter. Maybe Caffeine takes a snapshot of real time search behavior rather through the traditional bot indexing process. Is that what makes it like Caffeine, that it keeps you alert? This is all just speculation of course. But if I lose my life in some strange and unexplained way, then you’ll know I was right about something. You’ve seen Conspiracy Theory I’m sure.

Can I try out Google Caffeine?

Sure can. It’s sandboxed, so Google is keeping the program a safe distance from their Standard Google search engine. After all, they wouldn’t want a coding error to pull down the whole sha-bang. Check out Google Caffeine. I would be really interested in hearing what difference people discover while searching.

I’ll keep you posted as more is revealed.