Looking for a Web Developer/Programmer with Coldfusion Experience

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Job Responsibilities:


ICND Coldfusion Web Programmers are responsible for all of the programming edits, and maintenance of ICND client websites. They are responsible for multi-tasking day to day quick edits, new application development, trouble ticket support requests and deployment of pre-written CF modules from our Code Library. In addition they must be able to perform quick edit and project tasks in a timely manner, effectively, and within budget.


ICND Coldfusion Web Programmers will work with the production manager, account managers, and sales representatives to build sites, functionality, make edits, fix bugs, and everything that is required from a programming standpoint to maintain a well working cutting edge website. They will also be required to interact with ICND clients via the telephone and in person meetings. Travel may be required on occasion.


ICND Coldfusion Web Programmers are required to be able to work on their own and within teams to create, maintain and troubleshoot Coldfusion, PHP and Javascript code on all ICND websites. They are required to adhere to company policies and procedures to maintain a positive working environment.


In addition, ICND Coldfusion Web Programmers are required to set personal goals in order to further their career development and knowledge of Coldfusion programming, PHP programming, Javascript programming and basic CSS/HTML programming bringing what they learn to the team to better our programming department as a whole.