It's not the size of the Tool. It's how you use it.

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Barring the inuendo, it's all about how you use your tool(s)…your web tools.

So, everyone (mostly…there are some nay sayers) see the benefit of social networking and social media. But tapping into Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumpleUpon, Friendster, ClipMarks, Ning, Wikis, blogs,…you get the idea – can be exactly as it sounds. Time consuming.

Really, when you take it down to brass tacks…you create a profile, and post, respond, gather, and repeat. [let's just set the what, when, and how aside for the moment]. And every new outlet you tap into means just that much more time.

And that's where the tools come in.

There are hundreds of "border town" apps and browser tools that have sprung up in the wake of the Social Media phenomenom. Twitter does a good job of advertising those that are Twitter-centric – like Twitmatic, Twazzler, Twellow, and Topsy. And Mozilla Firefox browser is great for putting the best toolbar apps at users disposal. And of course, Facebook, Apple (iPhone), and Google (iGoogle) also do a great job of distributing and shopping apps to their users.

To really get the most mileage out of your social media, you need to increase the exposure of your posts, and cut out the monitoring time with tools that really pull it all in and tie it all together. From time to time I'll post a Cool Tool of the Day, like Digsby (still one of my favorites) and Technorati (a standard) and even Topsy (a new kid on the block, even for social media).

Keep checking back in to see my random picks. Or feel free to send my your picks.

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