Property Detail Pages- A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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You’ve heard it before- A picture is worth a thousand words.  Why not utilize your website to really showcase your properties?

 Tips for Utilizing Photos on your Property Detail Pages;

  1. Make sure your pictures are up to date. If you cannot take new pictures of the interiors of every property yearly, we recommend at least every 2-3 years. Make sure all of the furniture is up to date in all photos
  2. Get numerous pictures. Exterior from both sides, the view, all rooms. Numerous pictures help give a potential guest the experience with out a virtual tour
  3. Don’t false advertise. If you are advertising a old cabin with no air conditioning, don’t try and make it look like a 5 star resort. Advertise it for the gem that it is. Some people like the idea of getting back to basics. You can talk the property up, but don’t try and make it something it is not.
  4. Many property management systems are now allowing for the larger pictures to be stored.  Take full advantage of this! People want to see larger pictures.
    1. If your system has this update, make sure you using it to its full advantage. Ask your PMS what dimension you need to upload the photos, and then re-upload them all.
    2. Notify your web host that larger pictures are now available. They may need to do some programming edits on your property detail page to make it happen. See screen shot below of an ICND client with pop up photos that take up almost the full screen!


Property Management Systems and Website Development companies such as ICND are always working together to make life easier for both vacation rental managers and guests. Give your guests the full experience on line so they know what they are renting and there are no surprises when they show up. No surprises means less complaints, and happier guests!