Utilizing Social Media As An SEO Tool

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social media marketingWith social media marketing already a part of your business strategy there’s power to be harnessed in those social media accounts. Follow these social media SEO strategies if you want to successfully compete against the bigger players.

Put A New Emphasis On Building Relationships & Increasing Followers — Everything you write or share can appear in the search results of your followers, even if they’re not a member of the social media marketing site you shared the link on.

Start Posting Your Articles Immediately On Social Media — Set your articles to automatically post on Google+, LinkedIn, etc. and you’ll get indexed even quicker.

Focus On Shareable Content — Getting someone to share your content gives you access to that user's network.

Ramp Up Your Google+ Presence — You can find yourself as a first-page ranking solely because someone put you in a G+ circle. That’s a benefit no site can afford to ignore.

Get On Pinterest — It sends nearly as much referral traffic to your site as Twitter and much more than YouTube, G+ and LinkedIn combined.

Add +1 Buttons To Everything — +1 is Google's version of the Facebook like button. It's an easy endorsement to enhance social media SEO that you shouldn't miss using.

Use “Rel=author” &  “Rel=me” Tags To Link Your Work To Your Name —
Use "rel=author" in your posts so readers can link to all of your work.

Use A “Pin It” & A StumbleUpon Button On Your Site — Pinterest has great link traction while StumbleUpon is second only to Facebook in terms of referral traffic.