Vacation Rental Management Companies NEED Pinterest Now

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Simply put – your potential clients are probably pinning about their dream vacation on Pinterest as we speak. Vacation Rental companies can use Pinterest to tap into a viable market, and it’s time you get on board. Here at ICND, we focus on three priorities in regards to Pinterest:

  1. Brand & Name Recognition
  2. Increased Traffic
  3. Fan Conversions


People use Pinterest as a forum to dream, they often dream about the next dessert they’ll bake, hair style they’ll try…and did we mention vacation they’ll take? Pinterest can be used by vacation rental companies in a variety of ways, and first and foremost is brand recognition. ICND can help to get your Pinterest boards seen, when users see your brand name attached to that post, chances are your name will be first on their can you order valtrex online mind when it comes time to plan their next getaway.


Traffic to your company’s website can easily be increased through pinning photos that link back to your website. With the implementation of a blog or photo gallery on your website, this step can be done with ease, yet really increases traffic and views on your website.


Competitors from all over in the vacation rental industry are jumping on board with Pinterest, this day in age you simply can’t afford to get lost in the social media game. Pinterest is growing at a rapid rate and statistics show that it is number three in referring users to websites, as well as the third most popular social network. Let’s see what Pinterest can do for you vacation rental company!