Effective Placement of Links in Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a great way to get directly in front of your client base. When sending an eblast, it is important to not only get your customers attention, but you also want to encourage them to click over to your website. We have studied the information on a few recent eblasts, and where people are clicking is very interesting!  See the eblast sample pictured below.

Email Marketing

This is a vacation rental company who sent a recent eblast offering specials and featuring specific homes. The majority of people are clicking on one of the areas that boasts “up to 40% off!” No big shock there, people are always looking for a deal.

Below the 40% off offer, there are 8 featured homes (which we have blurred out for privacy). This is where it gets interesting. Each featured home has a photo, the name of the home, and a button that says “view availability”. On each home, more people clicked on the photo than the view availability button.  We are always preaching how you need a call to action, which is still extremely important. But it is also important to make sure photos and other areas are linked as well. The more opportunities you give people to click the better!

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