Problem Upload, the tale of image sizing

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Problem Upload
The tale of image sizing, size does matter

The sizing of your images impacts many things. You may incur upload problems due to the file size which can cause your computer to freeze while in the upload process. Also, even if a large image size does upload it can contribute to speed issues on your site, making your site load slower than normal due to the large size of the photo(s) (bigger isn’t always better). The best thing to fix this problem is to resize your images before uploading them onto your site via your backend (aka admin area.)

How do you resize your photo? What size should your photo be?

Well, below I have listed several ways to make the resizing process simpler for you. The optimal size for photo uploads will vary from site to site so please contact Support at any time to get the proper upload dimensions. These dimensions can serve as your photo resizing guidelines and will help you, your upload process and your site immensely. As a general rule of thumb your photo should not be larger that 1200px on the long side (which ever is the longest side of the picture: vertical – 1200px tall., horizontal – 1200px long, square – 1200px on either site) and the file size should be no larger than 1MB.

Photo resizing
Using a PC via Microsoft
You can resize a picture via “Microsoft Paint”
Microsoft has step by step guidelines online to help guide through this process.
View here –
Using a Mac
Apple has resizing instructions via their support
View here –
Via the web
No matter what product you use, you can resize your photos online.
Here are a few sites that you may find helpful, but you can find many more by searching online. There area a lot of free options out there! (can’t beat free)

As always, we are here to answer any questions or handle any support issues that you may have.

Caitlin Negethon
Support Manager
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