Steal this Post! Tools and Techniques that Give your Content Legs

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It's a very rare occurrence that you have the number of followers on your website, blog, or social media outlet that really gives your content (your comments, posts, pictures, videos, whatever) the reach it deserves. After all, the whole point of this stuff (Internet Marketing) is to get MORE and MORE people finding, reading, and BUYING your wares (services or products). Right? So even if you get 10,000 unique visitors a day, you could always use more.

So, don't make your readers have to come to your website (or your blog, or your social media outlet) to review your content. Allow your users to pick up and share your content to their friends where their friends are.

This post itself, from this blog, has over 30 ways to easily broadcast our ICND content. From the "retweet" box in the top left corner, to the "share this" button (which as numerous broadcast opportunities) on the bottom right hand corner. To the Technorati, Delicious, and Reddit badges. And don't forget the RSS feeds.

This blog, through the RSS feed, is pulled into our company LinkedIn group, as well as on our Squidoo Lens, among other places. And, with the aid of the RSS, our loyal readers can also pull in our content on their own blogs, pages, lenses, iGoogle page, where ever.

So give your content legs. But always make sure you're driving that interest back to your core (usually your website). And if you care anything about SEO along with your brand, make sure you embed keyword rich links. Because along with getting more impressions and readers, you can also get some killer backlinks.

Here's an example of keyword rich backlinks…

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Remember it's not the size of your tool, but how you use it. Web tools and apps are great ways to save time and money, and to get more bang for your effort. Want the ReTweet Code, or the Share This code? Give me a shout on the Digsby Chat box (another great tool) that's embedded in the right hand corner of this page (if you're on our website…wink, wink.)