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Social Media is one of the fastest growing marketing mediums of our times. More and more people are interacting with these sites from all ages and all areas of the globe. Social Media sites are important to a companies branding as well as can be used for promotion and advertising to increase leads and sales.

Benefits of Marketing across Social Media channels:

There are four main reasons for actively pursuing a presence throughout the major social media outlets. They are:

  • Getting Started

    ICND Social Media Marketing Plan is custom to your needs. We begin with a consultation to discuss your awareness of the social media spectrum, what your currently participating in and what other sites you may be interested in. From a basics, we'll set you up (if your not already) with Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, You Tube, Linked In, and Social Bookmarking websites (Delicious, Digg, StumpleUpon, Technorati, Reddit, Clipmarks). If you're already set up we'll develop access to these pages making sure they are optimized for your keyword phrases, how your interacting with them currently, and your current response.

    We then look at the other online and offline marketing you are participating with and strategize on how you can use Social Media and integrate with it. A big player with this is SEO. If you are a current SEO customer, we'll set up a certain number of hours just to help support SEO efforts with your social media bookmarking websites. It will benefit your off-site optimization strategy.
  • Follower Generation

    Through consulting you on different areas to make sure you are advertising you social media pages, we'll help you build an ample amount of followers you can interact with. We do this by integrating your pages with all of your online and offline marketing, creating contest, integrating social media widgets on your pages, and other customer creative solutions.
  • Exposure

    After we've generated a few followers, we'll help you interact with your customers and start building your social media brand. We'll help you create contests, forms, widgets, and get the most of social media.

    In addition, we'll spread your interaction across many other secondary sources so that you get the credibility and visibility you need to help support our SEO efforts.
  • Online Reputation Management

    We'll aid your team in monitoring the blogsphere, social networking sites, and cyberspace in general on any one specifically talking about your company and your. This will help you find and retain your customers. To do this, we will run monthly investigative searches and give you specific suggestions on how to best address certain key issues that may arise during the search (i.e negative reviews).
  • Content Submission

    We can't emphasis enough that no one knows your business better than you do, but to aid your team in reaching what is known as critical mass in content, our team will submit articles, blog posts, and/or white papers (could also include video, image, and bookmark submission depending on overall social reach of campaign). The amount of content submission will be dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to social media package level purchase, reach of social media campaign, and amount of research needed to create quality content.
  • What we need from you?

    Someone on staff that has the time to be the face of your company. We will need you to commit to weekly blog posting, daily social media posting on Facebook and Twitter, contest monitoring, customer relationship management with potentially negative reviews, video creation, photo creation, and the list goes on and on. We realize it could be a full time job and you may not have the time or resources for it so we share the efforts. But, we do request that you commit a certain amount of involvement and we'll count on you for that!