Social Media Vs Email Marketing

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Ever since the inception and popular use of Social Media Marketing many marketers have asked themselves if email marketing should still be used as heavily as before.  The answer is email marketing still has a lot of great benefits that media doesn’t and vice versa.

Social media is great for quick news and announcements that may be overlooked in an email or enewsletter.  Ben & Jerry’s icecream has recently announced that they will no longer be announcing their new flavors via email marketing, but fans must use their social media avenues to get this news.  Smart move.

Email marketing can still be used as a good communication tool with your opted in list. We still read our emails.  It’s a work safe advertisement.  People are less likely to get busted looking at an email through Outlook than surfing the Social Media sites ;-).  In addition, you can have more graphics and more message.  Finally, people are more susceptible to promotions and offers through email than getting them over Social Media news.

Social Media and Email marketing work hand hand.  Use them to enhance your marketing efforts and additional touch points for campaigns.  Say you are a restaurant owner who is looking to drum up business for your endless summer seafood menu.  There’s nothing like hearing about the new menu on the radio, seeing the new menu through an email, and reading about the new menu and reviews on the social media site.  It’s making my mouth water just thinking about this campaign.