How to Make a Facebook Contest Bring On BIG Results

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We have just launched a new contest for a client and we wanted to share some of the results that it is showing. 

The concept is simple:
1)    Offering a sizable Prize
2)    Make it Easy to share
3)    Promote it Effectively (without spamming!)

There are a few other very important aspects of the contest that truly make it viral and encourage sharing that ICND can help with! 

•    First and foremost, you must follow all of Facebook’s guidelines and rules.  These are spelled out for you in their terms but it is crucial to follow these or your page is in jeopardy of being shut down.

•    Secondly, you need to make it extremely easy for fans and visitors to “SHARE” your contest with friends!

•    Third, you must convert visitors to actually “LIKE” your page.

•    Lastly, you need to promote your contest effectively and without spamming your current fans.

It’s a very simple concept but much harder to actually take on yourself if you’re not in familiar territory.  We have had extreme success in helping our clients launch contests to increase their fan base and exposure through social media and we’d love to do the same for you! Please contact our team to show you just how we can get started!  Call: 910-575-6095 or email us at