Google News: The Importance of Breadcrumb Navigation

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Google has decided to tweak the way they display search results once again. This time they've taken what used to be the actual URL of the page you're about to click on and made it more user friendly. Here's a quick example.

Google does this by pulling what are called breadcrumbs straight from the site. So now potential visitors know that has a recipe for chili and recipes for Soups, Stews and Chili as well.

Just in case you think breadcrumbs are just for cooking, here's what this site's breadcrumb navigation looks like once you click their listing.

As you can see this type of site navigation allows your visitors to easily know where they are on your site and gives them a chance to quickly navigate to another page.

But wait there's more! Yes, it's great that your site's search result listing is that much more user friendly. However, the news that will make you seriously look into breadcrumb navigation is that each of those breadcrumb categories displayed in the search result is also a link to that page within the site. That's 3 additional clickable links for just one of this site's listings.

Breadcrumb navigation is something your site visitors will love and from the looks of this recent update – it's a great way to skyrocket your site's deep link ratio!

For an example of one of ICND's recent uses of breadcrumb navigation, please see Condo World Resorts.

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