Enormous Response From The 2013 VRMA Conference

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Did you make it the VRMA Annual conference in Nashville, TN? Then you may have heard our session on “How to Leverage Social Media Like A Pro”. We can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm and support. Many attendees came up to our presenters, Brandon Sauls and David Hutnik, to tell them things like:

“You guys did great! It was my favorite session of the entire seminar.”

“We can’t thank you enough for passing on the information and being so informative on the top of Social Media.”

“I can say that you had the best prepared and relevant session that I attended during the conference. I hope you will present next year as well!”

We even received invites to present this session at local chamber of commerce and other organizations across the nation. We are planning on doing local workshops in the coming months. If you are interested in us coming to your area, contact us and let us know! If you missed our session and want to hear more about “How to Leverage Social Media Like a Pro” or want to download the handout, visit our page. Stay tuned for other relevant sessions or feel free to email us with suggestions on what you would like to learn about.