7 Ways to Boost SEO of Your Facebook Pages

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Facebook PagesFar too often people will create a Facebook presence for their business without any regard for search engine optimization. Google indexes Facebook Pages on a regular basis just like it does any other website so it’s important to use whatever way you can to boost SEO on these pages. Everything that is necessary when optimizing your website is just as important on your Facebook Pages.

Here are 7 ways to boost SEO of your Facebook Pages:

1. Keep in mind that any gated pages you have (ie, pages requiring a “Like” or “invite” in order to gain access) will not be indexed by Google.

2. Often and consistently use your brand or business name in headings and page tabs.

3. While wall posts are indexed, it’s custom tab titles and “Likes” that hold the most weight and will give you the greatest return.

4. Links from multiple sources help a lot with SEO. Links to custom tabs on your business page will be weighted heavily if they’re from popular and recognized sources.

5. Multimedia posted on your Facebook Pages are an excellent opportunity for SEO enriched titles, descriptions and alt tags.

6. Be sure to put your SEO-rich text where the search engines can see and index it. Keep in mind that any text embedded in an image will not get indexed.

7. Nothing beats well-managed pages. Keep your content fresh, interesting, and engaging to get the most fans and keep search engines coming back.