Think You’ve Got It Made with Your Big Hosting Company? Think Again!

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We just had a personal experience with a big time corporate website hosting company.  While trying to pull some of our blog network sites onto a different Class C IP range for SEO purposes, we spoke to one of the largest hosting companies in the industry.  Our President, Brandon Sauls went onto their website and found where they offered the service and called the company.  He had to give them the link to where he found the service because the representative didn’t know that they offered that service.

ICND’s trained and experienced web hosting support crew knows everything you could ever know about our services and how to get exactly what you want from your website and email hosting company.

Then, after he was set up with the account, they gave him the wrong information to access.  He called back and they were able to help him out.  They said it would take 24 hours to process his request to go live and to load the files onto their preview site and put in his request when everything was OK to go live.  He then loaded the files onto the preview site and they were mapped wrong so he couldn’t even see the sites.  The company replied it would take 24 hours for them to get them mapped right and then another 24 hours once he approved.

After continuing to battle with this large hosting company who just couldn’t seem to get it right, we finally decided to go to another small hosting company we’ve done work with in the past for a successful solution.

The moral of the story, small website hosting companies, such as ICND, offer real time support, expertise, and real time publishing of your files just as fast as the internet will receive them.  When you’re looking for hosting and domain control, make sure you have the personalized, trained professionals handling the most important part of your online presence, your website.  It’s not only about dollars saved, it’s about the expertise and customer service you receive with ICND.