Social Signals have Major Search Engine Implications!

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What’s new and changing in the world of Search Engine Optimization you ask? – Social Signals!  It’s been known for quite some time now that Social Media has a major influence on Search Engine Optimization and can be the key missing piece to help you rank higher; but how much does social matter?  Well there are tons of benefits to social media but today we will focus on search engine implications.

In a recent study by searchmetric, they show an in-depth analysis of over 10,000 search terms within US based Google searches.  This amounted to over30,000 search results pages, 5 Billion backlinks, 4 Billion Facebook Shares, 13 Billion Facebook Likes, 600 Million Facebook Comments, 1 Billion Tweets, 330 Million Google plus ones and 14.5 Million Pins.  First, it’s obvious that the social presence in search is very prevelant, but let’s keep going.  Here is a graph showing the most important factors that they found for search engine placement.

“7 of the top 10 factors for SEO are Social” (Tweet This Stat)

Not only does this graph prove how important Social Media is as a whole, but it really highlights the implications Google+ is having on Search Engine Results.