ICND Earns Addy for Better Brands Website Programming

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A team effort resulted in an Addy award for Collins + Company’s awesome design and ICND’s innovative programming manpower.  The two companies collected another Addy and website for their trophy cases and portfolio.

Collins + Company came to ICND with a kick-butt design for Better Brand’s Bud Beach.com and ideas as to how they envisioned the site to work.  Through stiff deadlines and obstacles, the determination of ICND’s Carla Shaw as project manager, lead to success with the help of one of our most talented programmers, Brandon Taylor.

They worked with Collins + Company for months incorporating flash, Java Script, cold fusion, to make sure the site had great functionality, was search engine friendly, and was fully interactive with its visitors.

One of the most popular sections, but biggest challenges was the Budweiser video commercial gallery.  As synonymous as the beer itself are the Budweiser brand commercials.  A gallery of video commercials can be viewed on the site and shared through social media channels.  Incorporating CSS and Javascript allows the user to share right from the light box.

In addition, the site features shareable downloadable wall papers in multiple sizes, vintage posters, promotions and photo galleries.  One of the most interactive features is the beer handbook which incorporates a left to right scroll, clickable beers, and more.  Turn on your volume and scroll over the header and beer glasses at the bottom to check out the flash components added to the header and footer of the site.


Kudos go out for a great job by Collins + Company and team members of ICND.  We now have another great site to add to our portfolios.