How to Create a Facebook Business Page (with little to no hassle)

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So, kudos to Facebook on changing how they allow and implement businesses into their social networking site. (Yes, I know they did this some time ago). But, it's like jumping through flaming nuclear hoops to try to organize the whole effort. Here are some important questions to ask before you embark on Facebook Business Page Creation.

If  your business is a one person show, then no big deal. You create a business account (from Facebook's home page, scroll to the bottom and look for the link on the right hand side. The line reads, "To create a page for a celebrity, band or business, click here."

Now, the first thing it's going to ask you is, "do you have a personal Facebook account."

Facebook doesn't like faceless group pages. After all, it wouldn't be "social" networking if it was just a bunch of marketers babbling back and forth to each other. But I digress…

If your business or organization has more than just one employee, picking a personal account to attach to your new business page is more important than you think. After all, there are no such things as permanent employees (unless you sign your own paychecks).

So, what if you assign your business's Facebook to an employee who suddenly leaves the company? You definitely don't want control of your group page going over to an ex- or discruntled employee. So really put sometime and effort into answering that question, or you'll be deleting your business page more times than you'd like to admint (trust me).

The next thing to consider is who to name as ADMINS for your business page. You should have a least one besides the creator (the owner or the president, or some other executive should always have ADMIN status, even if they don't use it). Having multiple ADMINS prevents your organization from ever losing complete control of your business page (unless of course you get rid of every single one of your ADMINS all at the same time).

ADMINS can make changes to the account, and post content from the BUSINESS (not from their personal accounts). This helps delegate social networking responsibilities across multiple employees (especially if your organization needs to cover multiple topics).

You can easily assign ADMINS by logging into your CREATOR account, and clicking into your FANS page. There will be a button beside each fan that allows you to name them as ADMINS. So, tell your employees or members to become FANS of your Business Page first, then you can upgrade them as ADMINS.

Remember, not everything that is FREE means it's not complicated. If you need some help getting your Social Media Marketing campaign off the ground, contact Intercoastal Net Designs, an Internet marketing company.