Google Business Photos Are A Great Way to Showcase Your Business

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Contributed by:  Vanessa Humes @VanessaICND
Some team members at ICND met with a Google Trusted Photographer to learn more about #IndoorStreetView aka Google Business Photos.  Basically, it’s like the Street View function of Google Maps that will take the guest on a walk through of your business, area by area, floor by floor! 
Here’s some examples from the Google Photographer we’re working with.
Blockade Runner –
Front Street Brewery –
Let Customers Check Out Your Business…Online
By using the same Street View technology used to let viewers the streets around the world, Google Trusted Photographers are creating high quality, interactive, 360 degree Google Maps for customers to get a full body experience of your business.
Who Does It?
Only Google Trusted Photographers and Trusted Agencies are able to create these unique experiences.   Photo shoots are quick, non-disruptive, and personalized.  Give ICND a call today to get started!  Rates depend on area to be photographed.
Great For Your Online Presence
As an addition to your Google Search Results, Google+ Local Listing, and Google Maps, Google Business Photos allow customers who find you online to walk-through, explore, and take a closer look at your business.  The walk-through can be imbedded onto your website or you can send a Google Shortened link in emails and post on Social Media.
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