4 Reasons your Vacation Rental Website Needs a Blog

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We understand that your vacation rental website is essential to your business to keep your guests ready for their next vacation. But have you thought, “Do we really need a blog on our website?” and “How will this help my vacation rental website?” We at ICND have been asked these two questions multiple times when setting up new sites, redesigning them, or helping with your marketing needs. The answer is yes, and here are four reasons why your vacation rental website needs one below.

Helps your SEO

Many don’t think blogging will help with SEO, but we are here to tell you that it does. It’s always a big deal for people to find your website via search engines or social media. When you have a blog on your vacation rental site, you will have the chance to write about specific topics or keywords you know your audience is searching for. Did you know that Google loves fresh and relatable content to search through? ICND has taken that knowledge and knows how to optimize your blog effectively via SEO to bring more traffic to your site!

FAQ Answers

Those interested in booking through your vacation rental website may be looking for more detailed answers to questions they may have. We know that you can always email the answers to the guests, but you’re busy too. It may be easier to point them to the blog for more in-depth answers, whether it’s about the rental or the area. Think about some of the questions that you get asked all the time and answer them, such as:

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Having a FAQs section on your website helps in many ways but having a blog to answer general questions about the area will be a great addition. This can become an excellent way for the guests as they learn more about your vacation rental site and the region.   

Up to Date Information

We know that it is vital to keep your blog updated regularly. Your blog can not only allow your guests to find out the latest with your specials or rentals but also will help allow them to get to know your business. You are keeping the guests in the loop for anything that may be happening in the area, if something is happening weather-wise, or if you just want to keep them in the loop with other things about your company. Producing blog posts that are high-quality content regularly shows your guests that you are committed to your business.

Social Media

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Did you know that you can share your blog posts on social media? Yes, you heard us right! Social media can help bring in leads and even revenue when you utilize the available tools. Sharing the links to your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram will allow your guests to read your posts. In return, you can share your fresh, new content with your guests, leading them to want to book with you and not another company.

As you can see from the reasons above, having a blog on your vacation rental website can give you extra exposure and turn those leads into revenue. Be sure to continue to post new content on your blog regularly. We know your bookings won’t happen overnight but be patient, and soon you’ll get those bookings. Let us know if you’re interested in setting a blog on your vacation rental website with us at ICND!

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Author: Charlotte Strickland

Charlotte is a Digital Content Specialist at InterCoastal Net Designs. She first found her love for blogging when she started a blog for her family & friends back in 2006. Fast forward a few years, she soon began her current position with ICND. Charlotte now spends her time as the Digital Content Specialist on our team writing content and blogs for our ICND clients.