SEO Tip: The More Content the Merrier

Posted on Categories Search Engine Optimization

Everyone knows content is king when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Many times we get a little lazy when it comes to finding good content and link areas of our site to other resources.  In fact, that just helps other sites rank well for these areas and does nothing to help your site.

Rather than linking your news, events, area information, etc to places like the area Chamber of Commerce, spend a few minutes producing a page with unique content in your own words.  Having an about the area with different pages built out for attactions, things to do, etc will give your site more sticky content.  Remember, if  people can't find the content on your site, they are going to leave your site to find what they are looking for.

Make your site more sticky by adding good unique content through a news blog or add pages to your website.  Don't know where you could add pages?  Give us a call 1-866-249-6095 or shoot us an email and we'd be glad to give you a free evaluation of your website and where we feel you could use improvement.