Google+ Business Pages

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One of the leading trends in marketing on the Internet today is managing your online reputation through Google+ Business Pages, a new feature released by Google in October.

Businesses of any size and in all industries should take advantage of the new Google+ Business Pages if for no other reason than for the major SEO benefits. Having a business page on Google+ will increase your company’s web presence far beyond where your website and Facebook will take you. If you think because you use Facebook you’re all set, you should think again! Google+ Business Pages work better than Facebook Profiles in that what you post on Google+ will increasingly appear in Google search results, something Facebook postings for your business will not typically do.

The more you can advertise your business in a positive light on the web – regardless of which social media you select – the better your chance of ranking higher and more frequently in search results. What this means is that better rankings equals more website visitors, which results in more leads, that equates to more sales dollars for you.

While Google+ Business Pages are in the early stages, and no doubt have a few kinks to work through, publishing a page now will have you ahead of this wave of the future. Google is gaining speed and popularity with it’s +1 campaign being introduced.

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