Cool Social Media Tool of the YEAR!

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Sweet Lord…some one has done it (I think). Segmentation be damned. Much like Digsby, gives you access to your favorite social media outlets from one dashboard, but unlike Digsby, allows you to POST and review from multiple social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, FriendFeed, Vox, TypePad, and dozens of others. Plus, you can pull in your IM accounts, like Aim and Gtalk.

So instead of creating multiple accounts (we you need to do to really get mileage out of your social media marketing efforts) and then logging in and out of each one every day, set up an account at and pull in  your accounts to one place. It even let's you post to Facebook Fan pages that you're already and ADMIN for.

So, read, review, and post from one place and give your fingers (and your staff) a break.

If you're a business or organizaiton that hasn't yet taken the plunge in the realm of social media, or have started something and can't quite get it off the ground, make sure you contact a social media marketing company that has the expertise to consult and direct you to the next level. Read more about social media marketing.