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Welcome April Burns to the ICND Crew

It’s my great pleasure to welcome a new team member and account executive to the ICND Crew and her name is April Burns. April came to ICND with over 20 years of experience in the tourism/hospitality industry as the Vice President of Operations at the American Hospitality Academy. She worked with hotels and resorts across the nation.


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Brunswick County Commercial Real Estate Company Launches New Website

InterCoastal Net Designs has been partnering with Coldwell Banker Sloane Realty for many years for website development, MLS Integration and Internet Marketing. We also work with their vacation rental branch, Sloane Vacations, for their Booking Engine Integration and internet marketing. We have recently launched a third site for their commercial real estate division.
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Find A Proven Solution When Choosing Your Next Property Management Software


Things To Consider When Choosing A PMS

Choosing a property management software is an important choice for any vacation rental company. The property management software is the “engine” for your booking process. Choosing the right engine is critical to the success of your rental company, and like car engines, they are expensive and difficult to swap and move around. If you are reading this and planning a switch, you’ll want to choose the right property management software. “Right” is a relative term; you’ll want to consider the number of properties, your website needs, features and cost as part of this choice. The best choice for you may not be perfect for another vacation rental company.

Up first, you’ll want to consider the cost of your booking engine.

Cost (pay per unit, pay per user)

When deciding to pick between the choices of booking engines, you’ll obviously have to look at the cost of your options. Many booking engines charge per user or also it’s very common to charge per unit that you’re renting out. Another pricing structure may take a percentage of every booking plus a setup fee. These will all vary depending on the options you’re looking at. It’s easy to do simple math for each option and find how much cost you’ll incur with each booking engine; so as you’re researching the various options, you’ll want to carefully note these costs and save them for review. What is cost effective for someone with 100 rental units may not be for you if you have 25. The fees can be a major choice when choosing a booking engine but don’t make your decision based on cost alone.
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ICND Partners with FLY ILM for a New Website

InterCoastal Net Designs (ICND) is excited to announce that we are in the development stage of a new custom designed, responsive website for the Wilmington International Airport. We had our kick off meeting at the airport in May of this year, and are hoping to have this project completed by early fall. Features of this new website include;

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Hilton Head Island Real Estate Company Launches New Website

ICND has been working with Monica Davis Real Estate for many years. Earlier this year she came to us interested in new responsive MLS website with a modern design, and user friendly searching features. We worked with Monica and her team and have launched the new and improve HHI Address website. The new website is integrated with the Hilton Head MLS and has all of the features of ICND’s user friendly MLS 3D. Features include the ability to create an account, save properties, send them to a friend, sign up for listing alerts and more!

HHI_Address_Home copy

Monica Davis Real estate decided to rebrand themselves earlier this year under the name HHI Address. The new logo has the look of a stamp, and we matched the creative direction of the website to the stamp look. One of our favorite pages on the website is their contact us page, built to look like an envelope with an address and stamp! Our creative team has worked with the team at HHI Address to develop a website that is not only user friendly, but also stands out from the crowd.


HHI Address is also participating in a PPC campaign with ICND to start directing traffic to their new website. This team of Hilton Head Real Estate experts now have the online tools in their hands to really show how they shine!

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Panama City Beach Vacation Rental Launches Fresh Site

We’ve been busy –  busy since the first of the year designing and developing new vacation rental websites for companies across the country. We are excited to add Panama City Beach as one of the many locations we serve. Royal American (RA) Beach Getaways is a vacation rental company that specializes in resort properties. We launched their brand new website, which uniquely features their variety of properties – allowing them to market their many resort rentals with ease. From ocean front hotel rooms, to luxury condominiums, RA Beach Getaways has the rental for you!

The new RA Beach Getaways website is a perfect example of how ICND specializes in customizations that fit our client’s needs. For instance, we tailored our standard booking engine to their requests, providing them with a product similar to a hotel booking engine. When a guest books a unit type, our booking engine selects an available unit randomly and communicates this to their property management software marking that unit as booked.

As you may have noticed, our newest tagline here at ICND is Customized Solutions. Superior Results. The new RA Beach Getaways is just one example of the many custom sites and marketing campaigns we intend to produce for our clients. Stay tuned to our blog to learn of more sites launching here soon! ra beach getaways

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Dwellable’s 8-Step Guide to a Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

Numbers don’t lie. It’s estimated that six in ten Americans have pets, and upwards of 45% of Americans own dogs. That makes for a pet-services market determined to be worth $11 billion to $50 billion USD.

How do you convert to a pet-friendly vacation rental? It’s easier than you think, and welcoming Fido opens the door to a huge, untapped slice of the market.


1) Check your insurance policy

Many policies have standard breed restrictions that won’t cover certain types of dogs or animals. Make sure that you abide by these guidelines so that your policy holds up in the rare instance that man’s best friend gets feisty.


2) Decide: Cats, dogs, or both? How many?

Some vacation rentals allow cats, and some put a weight restriction on dogs. Some guests might want to bring a zoo. Think about the impact of each type of animal (noise, dander, smell), decide on your restrictions, and make them clear up front.


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Newest Outer Banks Vacation Rental Site

We are excited to announce our newest launch, Shoreline OBX. InterCoastal Net Designs has been working with the folks at Shoreline OBX since 2009, but we’ve recently completely redone their website to bring a more modern presence to their online appearance. The new website is responsive, allowing mobile and tablet users alike to browse the website with ease. The site is fully integrated with Escapia property management software, featuring a brand new booking engine integration. Along with website development, Shoreline OBX works with ICND monthly for Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising and Email Marketing. The previous Shoreline OBX website did not include a sales section. However, we completed an MLS integration for the new website, allowing website visitors to search both vacation rental and real estate listings. We hope this will facilitate an easy user experience for those interested in either options! We want to thank Shoreline OBX for their continued business with ICND. We are excited to continue to grow their online presence through innovative ideas and a strong online marketing game plan. Please visit their website! As always - contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our vacation rental and real estate website design and unique functionality! Shoreline OBX

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Growing the Vacation Rental Managers Association Community

Calling all vacation rental managers!  Are you a member of the Vacation Rental Manager's Association (VRMA)?  If not, let me tell you why it is more important to join now than ever and how VRMA is making it easy to get signed up.

Being part of this community means that you'll have online access to member resources, quarterly magazine subscription, weekly e-newsletters, discounts on VRMA event registration and much more!

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Learn Why Taking Better Photos Is Like Hitting The Jackpot On Your Vacation Rental Website

You know the old saying; you only get one chance to make a first impression. Well as it turns out that saying is true, and just thinking about it brings back awkward memories of high school, my first date, and freshman orientation. If you can relate to what I am saying then you know that awkward first impressions are usually caused by the simple mistakes we make. It is not until we step back and take a look at the big picture, that we realize that these errors are easily avoidable.

In the world of internet marketing first impressions last about 30 seconds and users can be a little more judgmental than your first teenage crush. In fact most people that visit your website will decide if they are going to stay or leave and go back to the search results within 3-5 seconds. This is what most marketers call the “Blink Test” and whether you pass or fail is often determined by the quality of the photos on your website.

If you are an avid reader of our blog, you know that the crew here at ICND has been hard at work pushing out new websites every month. With each new site we like test user engagement to see where we can make improvements. Since we live at the beach, and because summer is almost upon us, we decided to take a deeper look at some of our Vacation rental websites. We started off by selecting a handful of sites that we have an established relationship with & we know like the back of our hand. Each website is in the vacation rental industry, they all offer summer vacation rentals in coastal communities, & each site has a property listing search engine. Some of the websites used professional photos for their property listings; some used photos that were taking by the business owners, & others used a mix of both.
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