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Fickling & Company Launches New Booking Engine

Here at ICND we are proud of the amazing websites we build for our customers and all the ways those sites help their business.  We love building websites, but lately we have been stretching ourselves a little by taking on projects that require a bit of flexibility and innovation.

Fickling Booking Engine


We were recently approached by Fickling Vacation Rentals, a client in the vacation rental market located on sunny St. George Island, about a unique project.  The folks at Fickling were very happy with their existing website.  The loved the look and feel of the site, however, they were not satisfied with their booking engine, the software that let their guests search properties and make reservations.

This is just the kind of challenge that we love to take on.  We immediately tasked a team of programmers with finding a way to add the power and usability of our custom built booking engine while preserving the existing aesthetic of the site.

Fickling Vacation Rentals had plenty of reasons to search out a better booking engine.  Many of our clients tell us that one of the hardest parts of their business is helping potential guests find the right property and then getting them through the reservation process in as few steps as possible.  When we were developing our booking engine we took these concerns very seriously.  The resulting software is optimized for conversions, packed with user-friendly search features and removes as many barriers to reservations as possible.

With the project completed Fickling can have everything they want.  The same great website with a brand new engine under the hood.

With this successful project completed we’re looking forward to working with more clients who challenge us with interesting projects that let our experts put their skills to work.

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Booe Realty Launches Redesigned Website

Plenty has changed here, for the better, at ICND this quarter. As we’ve been busily creating and launching several websites, our team has been hard at work creating new custom modules for vacation rental firms. One of the newest sites in which we’ve utilized this customization was Booe Realty. Continue reading

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Responsive Design: Not Just A Trend

Trends are often indicators of a collective shift in thinking and evolve into more substantial change on a large scale. Although many trends foreshadow things to come, shortsighted businesses often dismiss them as not worth the investment in time and money needed to keep current.

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Busy April Results in 8 Sites Launched By ICND

A lot of positive vibes have been flowing through here this first quarter at InterCoastal Net Designs. With exceedingly high standards, our team has launched 8 quality websites– all within the vacation rental market. With any redesign process our expert team considers the freshest aesthetic as well as optimizes for the best search engine practices.
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How To Depersonalize Google Search Results

It’s the worst email we get.

“I’m ranking very high in Google for keyword here!”

I’m squeamish to check — and sadly, some of time, my worst fear is realized.

I carefully craft an email with a harrowing punchline:

“You’ve been personalized.”

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Vantage Resort Realty Launches New Vacation Rental Website

InterCoastal Net Designs (ICND) is excited to announce the launch of our newest vacation rental website, Vantage Resort Realty.

Vantage Resort Realty is located in Ocean City, Maryland and prides themselves on their relationships with homeowners and guests alike. Building a new website with ICND will help their guests be able to book properties with ease, and in turn satisfy their homeowners with more bookings.

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6 Tactical Link Building Ideas That Work



When it comes to scoring big with Google, link building needs to be one of your most frequently used strategies. Optimizing your website for search engine results that put you on page one can be as basic as having high quality websites linking back to your site. Sounds simple enough, right? It can be if you take the right measures and consistently work at it. It’s truly an ongoing journey. Using these link building ideas and tactics can yield huge results.

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10 SEO Mistakes Managers Make When Redesigning a Website


Is your website looking a little dated lately and in need of a fresh, up-to-date look? Before embarking on a website redesign project, here are 10 mistakes to avoid that will have an impact on the SEO of your site:

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Gaining Real Estate With Your AdWords

Gaining real estate in your AdWords


Looking to boost your Google AdWords presence? It doesn’t always have to come down to boosting your ad spend. Ad extensions are a great tool that can help draw in the attention of a potential customer by taking up more ad space than your competitors.

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Website Not Mobile Friendly? Watch Out For Devastating Results.

Over the past few years, sales of smartphones have exploded. Everywhere I look, I see people glued to the screen of their iPhone, Galaxy, or Nexus device. We have passed the point where only teenagers and tech hipsters own iPhones, now there is a good chance your parents and grandparents own one as well. In a study published earlier this year by Nielson, 7 out of 10 Americans now own a smart phone. Nielson Study

People are in love with their phones and the freedom to access the internet anytime, anyplace.  Even Google is predicting that mobile users will surpass desktop users sometime next year. The mobile era is here and everyone is happy. Well, almost everyone. For those of us who earn a living from our websites, things have been a little more challenging lately. Cell phone screens are small and reading text from a website can be difficult and frustrating — often resulting in the user leaving the site and moving on to the next one.

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