ICND Spring 2013 Online Marketing Workshop Success!

If you didn’t go to our Spring 2013 Online Marketing Workshop in Myrtle Beach, SC, you missed out on a great time! The workshop was held at the ITT Technical Institute of Myrtle Beach where we found the space plentiful and staff very helpful. A big thanks to Courtney DePaul for her support of our workshop. We opened up the event with friendly registration by Summer Adams as she gave everyone an itinerary and USB key of all the presentations to take home.

Before entering the room, we invited our guests to participate in a fun photo booth prepared by our designer and photographer, Chris Campbell. Team ICND had fun with the photo booth as well. For more photos and fun check out our Facebook album and be sure to “Like Us”. As the sessions took place, we had great one-on-one interaction with our guests and speakers. It was a collaborative effort of presentations and Q&A. We hope to do more follow-up on the topics: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Responsive Web Design with additional whitepapers for download on our website. For more information, please visit our website www.icoastalnet.com or contact your Account Manager. by: Vanessa Humes

Clarion Hotel Pairs Up With ICND for Internet Marketing Campaign

When it comes to online marketing, having a strategy is key. However, if you’re not an internet marketing specialist it can be an overwhelming task. InterCoastal Net Designs is excited to announce their new partnership with the Clarion Hotel of Myrtle Beach. We recently launched not just one campaign for this well-reknowned hotel, but three! Clarion chose Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing and a kick-off social media contest to stay at the top of mind of their client base.

We often tell our clients, if you want quick results, then PPC is the way to go! Our PPC specialists are experienced in managing accounts that result in ROI and high quality scores, and in the long run a projected lower Cost Per Click.

And if you’re still in the dark on social media, it’s safe to say your company is dropping the ball! We are excited to take over Clarion’s social media marketing and foster brand awareness and client engagement for our new client! ICND is also handling the ins and outs of a social media contest for Clarion. We recently saw one of our client’s company pages grow from around 1,500 fans to 40,000 in the span of a week! With Facebook’s current algorithm in place, this kind of growth ensures that your brand will be all over the Facebook newsfeeds of your potential clients. When it comes to the vacation rental industry, fans are engaged with scenic photographs and the promise of the perfect getaway and Facebook is the place to start dreaming! We can’t wait to see the results of the Clarion Myrtle Beach contest.

If you feel like your company isn’t getting the online attention it deserves, it’s time to nail down an online marketing strategy. Any combination of our services from SEO to social media will increase the visibility of your brand and the combination of campaigns is sure to bring home the bacon.

Thanks Clarion, ICND is thrilled to start this partnership which is sure to be a success!

Whatever happened to email marketing?

Nothing. It's still there in force. It might not be the coolest kid on the block, but it's still the biggest on the playground. So, yeah…everyone is talking about social media, but forget email marketing at your own peril.

First of all, email marketing isn't new, not even close…but businesses and marketers are still trying to get it right. And very few actually get even close. And here's why. Email marketing continues to be plagued by "get-rich-quick" schemes propogated by SPAMMERS and bought by businesses with a hope and a prayer and an ever shrinking budget (which includes a lot of us these days, unfortunately). The old adage holds true here:

"You get what you pay for".

Emails (quality emails from real users who RECENTLY and HONESTLY double opted in to a particular initiative) are not cheap. Definitely more so that say $250 for a million email addresses. Here's another adage: "If it's too good to be true, it probably is."

If you're going to go with what is known as a purchased (or rented) email list, you need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, if the email marketing company is guaranteeing something (a click thru rate, an open rate, etc) then walk away. There are no guarantees in the behavior of an email list, and it just means they're cheating you on something if they ALWAYS get a certain percentage out of ANY list. It's something akin to perdicting lightning. You know what's probabal, but you can't make any guarantees. Just like in SEO, there are some black hat email companies, usually starting with the email database company, that continuously farm out the same old email lists. You pay a little bit and get even less out of it.

Second, if you're going with a purchase list, make sure you can use third party tracking in the design. If not, walk away. It simply and clearly means the email list company doesn't want you to see your own results (they usually provide you with their own). This has its obvious advantages for the email list provider, but not for you.

Third, look into the email marketing company or email list provider's deliverability rate. Inevitably, an email company gets blacklisted by one of the major ISP's (Google, Yahoo, Earthlink, Hotmail, AOL, etc). The ISP's have to constantly battle SPAMMERS, so if you get flagged has one, the ISP will stop delivering your emails. It happens all the time. So, make sure the email company can provide you with a bounce report (down to the individual email addresses). That way you can see if their channel was blocked by a given ISP (i.e. if NO @yahoo.com email addresses went through, you know Yahoo has flagged the delivery company).

And when you're in the purchasing phase, before you pick an email list provider, go see how many times they've changed servers. If they're hopping on to a new server every 6 months, that means they're constantly getting flagged by the ISP's. Once they get blocked no emails can be delivered from that particular server, which is why they woud jump to a new one.

Is there even a benefit to advertising through a purchase email list? Absolutely. Just know what you're paying for. And how to determine if the campaign was successful or not.

With email marketing, behavoir is the name of the game. Every magazine and catalogue company out there rents their subscriber lists. So, find those outlets that closely match your product or services and piggy back of that interest. For example, if you're a travel company, try renting a Budget Travel or Coastal Living list. If you're selling poison ivy cream, try getting into Boy's Life. Think creatively. Interests begets Purchases.

And I would be truly remiss if I didn't mention the REAL power of email marketing is growing your own list. Capture and Engagement. Just like social media. In fact, the two efforts go hand in hand. But more about that later.

For more insights on email marketing, contact InterCoastal Net Designs today. Whether you want open, honest advice on marketing through an email purchase list, or how to successfully grow and utilitze your own opt in email list, we're an email marketing company that can help.