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Keeping your website in top condition takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It's not a set it and forget it marketing platform, but one that needs constant analysis and attention. As the leader in the vacation rental web development and integrating with numerous Property Management Softwares, ICND has provided you a list of items to check out and check off in the New Year. If your website isn't the best it can be, contact us today to let us show you how we can whip it into shape.

If you are like most of our clients, nearly half (if not more) of your traffic is coming from a mobile device and up 10-20% over last year. Last year, the talk was about making your site mobile friendly, but this year, all the buzz is about making the site quick. An easy check to page speed is to drop your URL into Google PageSpeed Insights - https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/.

We use a plethora of sites to check and monitor page speeds. From PageSpeed Insights by Google above, GTMetrix, and also Web Developer Tools in Google Chrome which gives you a page by page analysis on different mobile devices.

If you talk to a different developer, they are going to give you their list - so which do you choose? Great question. Choose a tool that you trust as a source, accomplishes your goal, and that you understand. Many clients choose Google PageSpeed Insights because they care how they are seen in the eyes of Google, it's quick, and easy to understand. It also gives you identifiable fixes that can help improve your score.

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure - WHAT?) is now being recommended by Google. It's simply recommending confidentiality of the data between the user's computer and your site. HTTPS provides three layers of protection through encrypting the exchanged data, keeping data the same through transfer, and requires authentication.

There are best practices when it comes to implementation with include using security certificates, server-side 301 redirects, and many other server related technical jargon. If you don't understand the specifics, it's always best to get a trusted expert to help walk you through exactly what you need.

We talked a minute ago about page speed, which goes hand and hand with responsive design. Responsive design is not new, by any means, but it's a technique that many web builders have not mastered. You see, there are platforms out there that you can use, like Bootstrap 5, that give you a framework for responsive functionality. The problem is development, can't stop there. There has to be thought in how a site will look and operate on a mobile device vs a desktop. There are different behaviors users take on a mobile vs desktop. For example, on a mobile device, you're not using a mouse, you are using your finger to scroll and click on your next step. All functionality needs to be tested for best the best User Experience.

This is one of the items that we brought to the vacation rental industry. Since then, most of our competitors have adopted, but haven't figured out exactly what we've done. So to learn more, please request a demo.

From looking at vacation rental websites across the world, this is the #1 missed opportunity in 9 out of 10 websites. In fact, it's so important it requires a whole new checklist. To learn more, please request a demo.

Your booking engine is really a science that we've earned our doctorate in. From the get-go we'll ask you the right questions and match the answers to our unique approach to vacation rental booking engines integrated with our online platform.

If you go to a store and the clothes are messy, it makes you not want to shop. Same with your website and properties. It's so important to showcase your properties in an intuitive approach. Many companies have tried to imitate, but failed to duplicate. We'll explain all of our conversion tricks during your demo.

In a world where Airbnb is the new "thang" and competition with Expedia and Travelocity, how does your brand stand a chance? It's not hard when you are an expert on your destination and deliver exceptional customer service. Let's talk more about your brand.

Thing of check out pages as another form of marketing you can't just "set it and forget it". As the pioneers of the streamlined check-out process, we'll show you how to get more direct bookings through your website.

You got them to the check out page and they didn't covert… they don't have to be gone forever. On average we convert 20% of these abandoners into reservations. You do the math!

Marketing with Muscle

  • Does your website have what it takes to compete in today's market place?
  • Are you spending thousands of dollars in marketing to drive traffic to your website?
  • What if you could convert 10% more of those visitors to reservations?
  • Sometimes it takes brute force to push visitors into booking online.
Brute Force Booking

Are you feeling overwhelmed with getting items implemented before busy booking season? We're here to help! ICND is an award-winning web development and digital marketing specializing in vacation rental companies. We create websites that integrate with your property management software and the originators of the "conversion focused" functionality to drive more direct bookings.

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