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Vacation Rental Booking Engine Integration

Vacation Rental Booking Engine Integration - RezFocus

At InterCoastal Net Designs (ICND), we have developed a vacation rental booking interface that harnesses the power of your existing Property Management Software (PMS) with all the features and functionality to drive conversions.

Our customizable interface allows you to seamlessly integrate your properties into your own website, bringing all of that vital content into the core of your business. Typically, when using a PMS, your website is framed around the information or could be using an iframe. So, when your web users click through to browse or book a property, they are actually clicking and browsing on a sub domain of your website and your primary URL doesn't get any SEO credit.

Why does this matter? Because bringing the content on to your website not only allows you to customize exactly how your properties can be segmented, but as part of your website?s core, it becomes content that the Search Engines (such as Google, Bing and Yahoo) can easily crawl and index.

Content is king when it comes to optimizing your website, particularly in the highly competitive vacation rental industry and competing for placement against OTAs. For the Search Engines to define your website (and thus your business) as an "authority" in your market, you have to have content--and lots of it. By using the ICND vacation rental booking interface, you can do this easily without having to spend multiple hours every month creating unique content for the Search Engines to find and index. Every property wil have it's own unique page and we can help you create custom search links for long tail keywords. 

We can customize your interface to fit the unique needs of your vacation rental management company by tailoring your search to your market and target audience. ICND works with a verity of Property Management Systems, from Homeaway products such as Property Plus, Escapia and V12, to Barefoot Technologies, Streamline, RNS, VRM, and RMS, we have the experience under our belt to work with your Property Management System.



Drive more online bookings with ICND’s conversion focused booking engine. By integrating in with your Property Management Software, ICND has perfected the game of online booking. We’re dedicated to bring you the features and functionality that enhance user experience and perfect the path to booking.

Seamless Integration with Your PMS

Barefoot Property Management System Escapia Property Management System Homeaway Property Management System


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