Welcome to the Programming Team – Drew Pearson

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A North Carolina native for most of his life, Drew Pearson feels right at home with his move to Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Did we mention that the InterCoastal Net Designs team couldn’t be happier to have him? Programmers are essential to what we do here – everything from entire website development, to daily support tasks has to be addressed by a programmer. We foresee great things in 2013 and an additional programmer is the perfect jumpstart to this.

When he’s not working hard on our client’s websites, he’s usually exploring his love of photography. In fact, you can check out some of his work here. He also has a 5 year-old son, Miles, who he greatly enjoys spending time with.

Drew’s experience with computers dates back to age 5, when he can first recall using one for the first time. It’s this kind of passion and interest for the job that ICND loves about Drew! When asked what he’s enjoyed most about the ICND team so far, Drew said, “The people! What a great and friendly, staff. I really look forward to working more with them all. I also just really like the business itself, the attention paid to clients, the growth, and the fact that there are always new and exciting projects/challenges to work on.”