Vacation Rental Ninjas: A Marketing Podcast Ep.1

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We finally did it, we’ve finally started our very own podcast! If you’re not very familiar with podcasts, it’s basically like talk radio, only a little funnier. On our podcast, Vacation Rental Ninjas, we talk about everything related to the vacation rental industry including marketing strategy, SEO, social media, website development, and so much more. Our topics are relevant and relatable, and we’re pretty funny to listen to as well.

Episode 1

This Episode focuses on some great questions to ask yourself as we move into 2019. Many people are wondering what they can do to improve their marketing strategy and bring in more renters and that’s exactly what we are discussing for our first episode. We also discuss what we call, “Tool of the day” where we break down one useful tool that you can utilize in your marketing strategy. This episode’s tool is Facebook’s Audience Insights and is extremely useful when building a social audience.

You wont want to miss the discussion between Paul Hanak, Director of Marketing and David Thompson, Director of Social Media as they dive into some must know topics for 2019.

Where To Find The Podcast?

You can download the first episode and all to come on Google Music and iTunes completely FREE. And don’t forget, we are releasing a new episode every other week so stay tuned!

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