On The Road With ICND

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This year, the team at ICND will be attending the annual NAVIS Leaders Conference. The event takes place February 24th-26th and will be held at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL.

ICND founder Brandon Sauls is a NAVIS Certified Partner, and will be giving a presentation titled Website Conversion Rate Optimization that’s not to be missed.

The biggest names within the hospitality sales and marketing industry will also be attending/speaking at the event, so this could truly be the most important conference many businesses attend this year.

We know Conversion Rate Optimization.

If there’s one company within the vacation rental industry that knows about conversion rate optimization, it’s ICND. Since our President Brandon Sauls founded the company way back in 1999, the creation of highly converting websites has been a large part of the infrastructure of ICND as a business.

And we want you to learn from our mistakes.

Of course, you can’t do what we do for as long as we have without making some mistakes along the way. With such a large variety of sub-categories within the hospitality industry, there’s a seemingly endless variety of websites in need of conversion optimization. The tactics that work for one type of site will not necessarily work (and often simply won’t work) for a site of even a slightly different variety.

So, come on down.

That’s why you need to come hear Brandon’s “Website Conversion Rate Optimization” presentation. Over the many years, ICND has worked to optimize an incredible variety of sites and has come to understand which tactics work (and which really don’t work) for any given site. Brandon’s presentation will serve to illuminate these secret tactics, and help you avoid the mistakes many companies are making (some without even realizing it).

We’ve got this covered.

At the end of the day, there’s really no better measure for experience than a business’ longevity. As you know, within the marketing industry the number of truly long-lasting companies is relatively microscopic. ICND is one of the rare exceptions, and that’s why we know you’ll be running back to the office immediately after our presentation to implement the tactics we’re going to teach you.

Industry leading guest speakers.

This year’s NAVIS Leaders Conference will be wrought with industry leading experts. Just to name a few, Larry Mogelonsky and Peter Yesawich (of LMA Communications Inc. and MMGY Global, respectively) will be guest speaking. There will also be a variety of presentations from NAVIS Certified Partners (our very own Brandon Sauls, for example).

Who you’ll actually get to talk to.

We’ve all been to conferences that are so over-scheduled that they leave no time for discussion or one-on-one time with the speakers. This is not that kind of conference. Rather, you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions at the end of each presentation, or to speak directly with the speakers at their individual booths.

It’s the perfect chance to network.

The skills that you will take away from this conference are one thing, but let’s not forget the fact that you’ll be surrounded by the biggest names in the hospitality sales and marketing industry. That means that you’ll get the chance to build lasting business connections with the companies in your industry that truly matter.

Thought-provoking industry discussions.

It is quite common to attend a conference only to realize that many of the presentations were included simply to fill time. Once again, the 2016 NAVIS Leaders Conference is not that conference. Instead, it will be packed with a large variety of stimulating presentations from industry leaders.

That relate directly to your business.

It’s one thing to give an interesting, thought-provoking presentation. It’s a whole other animal to give one filled with strategies that listeners can immediately take back to the office and implement the very next day of business. That’s what makes this conference so different – every presentation you’ll see fits the latter criteria, and none are simply time fillers.

Come ready to learn and participate.

The conference was designed precisely to connect businesses with industry leaders so that these extremely important discussions could be had. So come ready to both learn and participate, because that’s the perfect recipe for building a better business (and a better industry as a whole).

Don’t miss out on the latest industry knowledge.

If your business is anything like ICND, you can’t stand to miss out on the latest trends and best practices within your industry. With the state of modern technology, these “best practices” can literally change from one day to the next.

We want to meet you!

That’s why you need to attend Brandon’s “Website Conversion Rate Optimization” presentation and stick around for questions afterward so we can keep you ahead of your competition in the coming year. We can’t wait to meet you in person, so make sure to swing by our booth and say “Hi”!

And this is the perfect chance.

The NAVIS Leaders Conference is the biggest annual conference for sales and marketing companies in the hospitality industry. If your business falls into this category, this could be the single most important event you attend all year. So, don’t let your competitors pass you by in 2016 – follow ICND on the road to Orlando. We’ll see you there!

Can’t attend the conference, but want our marketing advice anyway? No problem – simply reach out via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or drop us a line at 866.249.6095 – we’re always here to help!