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Online Marketing

Online Marketing

InterCoastal Net Designs (ICND) offers a wide array of online marketing services including Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Email Marketing. Our team members are well specialized in their respective fields and are able to come together offering a powerful online marketing strategy for your business. Contact us today to find out how we can take your online marketing to the next level!

Social Media Marketing

ICND Social Media Marketing Plan is custom to your needs. We begin with a consultation to discuss your brand voice, current approach, and your goals and objectives with a social media campaign. We then target your audience with the appropriate Social Networks. In addition, we can help you build your brand in these social networks through your collateral and apps and leverage your brand the best way we know how.

Our team is well versed in all facets of social media including the many growing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and more. We will implement a strong Facebook fan acquisition strategy that hinges on strategic posting and advanced edgerank knowledge. An aggressive Twitter strategy includes extremely targeted follower generation to increase your exposure and reach. The ICND team will propel your social media campaign to a whole new level!

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Search Engine Optimization

Modern technology has revolutionized the way that companies of all sizes advertise and compete on a local, national and global scale. This marketing revolution has been instrumental in the expansion of small companies and large corporations. If you are seeking a new cutting edge marketing solution that will allow your company to expand its reach, target new customers, and enhance your bottom line then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be the solution for you. Let the SEO experts at ICND assist your organization in leveraging the possibilities and power of the Internet.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

ICND has been a provider of successful Pay Per Click Campaigns for many years. As a Google Qualified Adwords company having passed a comprehensive exam and demonstrated skills at managing client campaigns, we take pride in providing thought out, strategic Pay Per Click advertising. Our goal is to track conversion from paid traffic so each campaign pays for itself.

ICND will create a strategic Pay Per Click advertising campaign to drive quality traffic to your site and increase conversions. We start with a plan outlining your business goals and objectives. Our team then identifies the best Search Engines and Networks to place your ads. We then research your keywords based on your website, products, and services and create ads to fit the search engines and business goals. ICND then sets up tracking with our ICND Revenue tracker to record conversions as well as the exact revenue generated from each campaign. Finally, we continuously work to improve your campaign by optimizing landing pages, improving ads, and adding, editing, and deleting keyword phrases.

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Email Marketing

ICND offers an email program that will enable us to deliver target emails with an extremely high delivery rate. We have a sophisticated tracking system that produces easy to understand reports focusing on the key performance indicators of each email sent. We are able to A/B test and compare different methods that are working for your market and adjust your ongoing campaign to increase your ROI. We are able to design, code, create copy and send your emails allowing us to further refine your mailing list and ultimately increase your sales and customer loyalty. Our strategic email marketing campaign simply out performs the rest.

As a web design company and interactive marketing company, we are able to extend our our marketing expertise onto your website with effective lead generation to bring you continued results based on opt-in methods. We offer cutting edge solutions that are optimized and delivered to all platforms and devices.

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