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Upcoming Workshops: Topics included are as follows (but may vary from workshop to workshop) - SEO, Social Media, PPC, Email Marketing, and Mobile Web Design.

* Limited breakout sessions are available!

Here is some of what we've covered at previous workshops:


What Is Search Engine Optimization And Why Do YOU Need It?
  • SEO 1990's to 2013 - Why SEO is Still Critical to Online Success
  • Growing Your Website With Content Worth Creating
  • Safe & Effective Backlink Building Strategies
  • Google Local Search - Google+ Local and Google Maps For Local Visibility
  • Tips & Tools for Website Owners, Hosting, and Webmasters

Social Media

Why You MUST Be on Social Media Now
  • Some of the most mind blowing stats you've ever seen about Social Media
  • Uncover More Benefits of Social Media that you didn't know!
  • Effective designs & integrating SOCIAL into your marketing.
  • Cover some of the basic tools you can use to monitor and grow your social media presence
  • When & How to use Pinterest, Google+ & LinkedIn
  • Do's and Don'ts of Social Etiquette
  • How does Facebook really work?
  • How/When to post effectively on Social Media (Edgerank)
  • Targeting on Twitter - Done Right!
  • Intro to Facebook Ads
  • More Advanced Tools to Propel Your Social Media Strategy


PPC: Your New BFF
  • Meeting Your New Best Friend: What is PPC?
  • Why PPC is Perfect for YOU (How it can help a new website, a newly redesigned site and how it can strengthen your SEO and social media efforts)
  • Not Just Any Old Friend: The Power Behind PPC
  • Strength in Numbers: PPC Data That Makes Sense
  • How ICND Helps Your PPC Efforts

Email Marketing

Email Marketing - What You Need To Know To Stay In the Game
  • How to choose a provider? The nitty gritty of what makes email providers different and the advantage of using Listrak.
  • What makes a great email message? The ins and outs of creative HTML emails and templates.
  • Industry Averages - What are the averages: Click Thru Rates, Open Rates, Message Activity, and Conversion Rates (Google Analytics).
  • E-Mobile Marketing - Email Marketing in a mobile world.
  • List Management - Creating targeted lists and leveraging customer profile information to increase the value of your customers.

Mobile Web Design

Give Your Customers What They Want!-Go Mobile
  • Mobile Marketing Strategies / Why go Mobile?(Growing Number of Smart Phone Users, Google Recommends it!)
  • Mobile Booking Engines-Increase your bookings!
  • Mobile MLS Search Functionality with GPS Enabled Searches
  • Mobile Site VS Mobile App-What most user prefer
  • Keep it Simple and to the point


2013 Spring Workshop

ITT Tech / Myrtle Beach, SC

Workshop Access

Username: Your Registration Email

Password: Spring13ICND


All of our speakers are very knowledgeable in an array of topics that are covered during ICND workshops. Guest speakers may attend events from time to time - and will be mentioned on the agenda provided!

  • Brandon Sauls / President
  • Adam Hankey / Search Engine Marketing Director
  • Dave Hutnik / Social Media Director
  • Jayson Conway / Search Marketing Specialist
  • Vanessa Humes / Account Manager
  • Lela Newell / Account Manager
  • Nicole Michaels / Account Manager


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