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Social Media

We focus on "results-driven" methods to generate you positive ROI. No fluff or wasteful "tests", just proven strategies to engage with your target clients and convert them to paying clients. Our seasoned team of experts has been involved with social media from day 1 and contributed to this ever evolving medium as a speaker and educator on numerous topics. Let us propel you ahead of your competition!

Is Social Media For You?

  • 25% of ALL US traffic is Facebook.
  • Over 1 BILLION users are now on Facebook: Of which create over 1 billion posts, 2.7 Billion like and comment and 250 Million photos... PER DAY
  • More time is spent on Facebook than: Google, Yahoo, Bing & YouTube; COMBINED.
  • YouTube receives over 2 billion viewers per day and is the 2nd most popular search engine.
  • Posts from Facebook pages with 10,000 fans reach 30 percent to 40 percent of their fans.
  • 56% of consumers say they are more likely to recommend a brand after becoming a fan on Facebook.
  • 95 Million Tweets per day are written, nearly 4M/hour.
  • YouTube receives 2 Billion views per day and is the second most popular search engine behind Google.

Benefits of Social Media

  • Staying Top of Mind
  • Extremely targeted fans & followers
  • Online Reputation Management:
  • Manage Social Ads
  • Build Relationships
  • Managing the Conversations
  • Maintain a platform for questions
  • Brand Recognition
  • Creating Brand Loyalty
  • Create Referrals via social connections
  • Utilize viral marketing
  • Show the "Human Side" of your business
  • Gather Feedback & Listen
  • Give advice and become an industry resource

What InterCoastal will do

  • Design a High Impact presentation and get you launched onto the social scene the RIGHT way
  • Dynamic website integration for effective cross-marketing and maximum conversions.
  • Complete management and monitoring your social platforms with daily posting.
  • Your extended team of consultants to assist you with questions, contests and promotions.
  • Plus MUCH MORE!

Let's Get Started

  • You know your clients are on Facebook and Twitter, just let us find them and get your message in front of them.
  • If you could put a message in front of thousands of extremely targeted clients EVERYDAY, would you? - That's Facebook!

Getting Started: ICND Social Media Marketing Plan is custom to your needs.  We begin with a consultation to discuss your brand voice, current approach, and your goals and objectives with a social media campaign.  We then target your audience with the appropriate Social Networks.  In addition, we can help you build your brand in these social networks through your collateral and apps and leverage your brand the best way we know how.

Fan Targeting: We can strategically increase your fans based on geographic markets, demographic age groups, interests and keywords.  We will work with your team to identify who your target clients are and implement into our strategy.  Once we have targeted the most optimal fans, we will work to engage them with effective posting techniques.

Post Frequency: We strongly recommend to post at least 3 times as often as you currently are.  Your pages have only posted an average of 7.5 times in that last 40+ days!  Further, we will be able to analyze the effectiveness of our posts and adjust the timing of them in increase overall interaction by fans.  This leads to higher EdgeRank and ultimately more views.

Interaction and EdgeRank: The average post on Facebook has a lifespan of only 3 hours.  Once we have enacted on a more frequent posting schedule, we will work to interact with these new fans and increase the factors that determine your "EdgeRank" (See EdgeRank explanation below).  By engaging and interacting with fans on the page, we will be increasing their "affinity" and "weight" that play big factors in the overall EdgeRank formula.  Ultimately, everything we've talked about leads to conversions.

Converting: Once we have put all of the effort into getting you more targeted fans that are truly engaged in your page, we will work on converting these "fans" into actual leads, website traffic, referrals and sales!  We will highlight key benefits, funnel fans over to your website and help you convert fans into reservations and clients.  We have on-staff programmers to work directly with our social media team to help you create lead generation forms, booking integration tabs and much more upon request.

What we need from you? Someone on staff that has the time to be the face of your company.  We will need you to commit to daily social media post monitoring on Facebook and Twitter, contest monitoring, customer relationship management with potentially negative reviews, video creation, photo creation, and the list goes on and on.  We realize it could be a full time job and you may not have the time or resources for it so we share the efforts.  But, we do request that you commit a certain amount of involvement and we'll count on you for that!

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