Pay Per Click Campaigns

InterCoastal Net Designs



InterCoastal Net Designs (ICND) has been a provider of successful Pay Per Click Campaigns for many years. As a Google Qualified Adwords company having passed a comprehensive exam and demonstrated skills at managing client campaigns, we take pride in providing thought out, strategic Pay Per Click advertising. Our goal is to track conversion from paid traffic so each campaign pays for itself.

Pay per click advertising allows you to put your site at the top placements of the search engines. This helps you test out new keyword phrases to see if they will convert for you, brand your websites, and offer incentives in order to drive traffic to your site. When you partner with ICND to manage your Pay Per Click Advertising, ICND will create and manage multiple campaigns in the selected search engines. Every campaign is tracked through Google Analytics to track the amount of revenue generated.

We start with a plan outlining your business goals and objectives. Our team then identifies the best Search Engines and Networks to place your ads. We then research your keywords based on your website, products, and services and create ads to fit the search engines and business goals and provide you a report with our finding and recommendations. ICND then sets up tracking with our ICND Revenue tracker to record conversions as well as the exact revenue generated from each campaign. Finally, we continuously work to improve your campaign by optimizing landing pages, improving ads, and adding, editing, and deleting keyword phrases.

  • Account and Campaign Set up
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Keyword Research and Placement
  • Splash Page Creation
  • Custom Reporting