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Web Site Design

ICND specializes in ColdFusion programming, which allows websites to interact with database. This allows for easy content management for the website administrator. If you are capable of typing a word document then you will have no problem updating the content, photos, etc... on your personal / company website.

We can build a custom application to fit your need or you can select from one of our many application we have already developed:

  • Real Estate Websites

    We have worked with the Brunswick County MLS, Horry County MLS and Charleston County MLS systems and have fully integrated their MLS data feed into our websites. This allows you to collect more information and display the information as you please compared to using their standard framed version. We offer a "New Listing Alert" feature that notifies viewers when certain properties become available that meet their requirements. See all of our Real Estate Website features.
  • E-Commerce Solutions

    ICND offers an e-commerce package that is fully capable of integrating with a realtime credit card processor such as AuthorizeNet. You will have the ability to add / edit / delete products, run reports, and query customers who have purchased certain items and send them a mass email offering specials to viagra sydney entice them back to your website. Some of the special features we have built into the website allows you to associate products with related items. During the checkout process hopefully the viewer will add another item to their cart.
  • Cold Fusion Booking Engine

    ICND has developed a ColdFusion on-line booking engine. We have clients using this in the golf packaging and vacation rental environment. This is a customizable solution that does not cost 10s of thousands of dollars. Contact us for demo applications.

Web Site and Email Hosting

ICND offers ColdFusion, PHP, and Frontpage hosting packages. We host using HP DL series G5 servers running Windows Server 2003 and ColdFusion 8 Enterprise. Looking to have your own email address, yourname@yourdomain.com? We offer email hosting through Google Apps and other 3rd party mail providers to fit the needs of your business. See all of our Website Hosting Packages. Also see our Server CoLocation Packages

Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine marketing plan is key to your website's success. We will evaluate your website's target audience, identify the keywords being used to find websites in the same market as yours and optimize your site to show up in the top of the list. We don't make any unrealistic guarantees, but we can promise you that we take this subject very seriously and spend hours each week study the changes in each search engine.

Areas that we focus on:

  • Content, Content, Content
  • Titles and Meta Tags
  • Keyword Markets
  • Link Architecture
  • Link Popularity
See our Search Engine Marketing Plans Read more about our Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Expertise.

Mass Email Campaigns

When you sit in front of the computer, what is the first thing you do? Check your email, of course. For millions of people around the globe, the personal email box has become a staple of human interaction.

ICND offers an email program that will enable us to deliver target emails with an extremely high delivery rate. We have a sophisticated tracking system that produces reports on who clicked on what link and how many times. This will allow us to further refine your mailing list, which will ultimately increase your sales and customer loyalty. Myrtle Beach Email Marketing Customers login here.

Database Creation and Maintenance

Whether your are needing a basic Access Database to manage your inventory or you are in need of a full scale robust MYSQL - MSSQL database, we can lend a hand. We have over 6 years experience in database creation and maintenance.