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Lead Management System

Turn More Leads Into Reservations

ICND has developed a web-based platform to help vacation rental companies track inbound marketing leads from their website and other third party lead sources. ICND Lead tracker is a easy to deploy, quick to learn, feature-rich, and most importantly-Affordable.

As your company`s website collects leads and leads are fed in through third party sources, they are entered into one central database. The lead tracker collects all the information from web-based forms and can be manually entered by the reservationist working the lead. The lead tracker allows for management to be alerted if leads are not contacted within a set period of time to ensure you never miss the opportunity. If your ready to start converting more leads and need the organization and management to do so, contact us today.

  • Easy set up and website integration
  • Admin & Management Access and Dashboards
  • Schedule Automated and Manual Follow-ups
  • Branded Emails & Automated Responses
  • Keeps Record of all Correspondence & Profile Information
  • Customize Template Responses
  • Ability to easily pull recommended rentals into an email
  • Easy to Import & Export Contacts
  • Record referring website, source code, or telephone numbers for marketing tracking
  • Customizable Reports
  • Automatically respond to availability requests

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