ICND Support Tips

The Information below is to help us, help you better troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing. Please see the information below.

Email Support

  • Please remember to always email support@icoastalnet.com for technical support related issues. IE: email account setup, website changes, errors, etc. This will ensure the promptest response to your request(s), as various ICND members may be out at meetings, on vacation, or simply unable to get to your email in a timely manner due to their volume of emails.
  • Always provide as much detailed information as possible!
  • If there is an onscreen error - please copy and paste the exact error into the body of the support email.


  • Screenshots can be very helpful and important when submitting a support ticket. This can give the ICND support team a visual of the exact area you are in need of troubleshooting on the website and/or an error you may have received that we may be unable to duplicate.
  • Jing is an amazing program by TechSmith that allows you to take a screen shot, add arrows, and text, and send us a screen shot via a link.  We recommend you download it asap!


  • Providing the link to particular pages you are having issues with and/or need edits made to is also very helpful to the ICND support team. Please always submit links and/or directions of exactly how you landed on that link/page to better troubleshoot the issue at hand.

Web Browsers

  • Knowing what browser(s) you are using and experiencing issues in can be very essential to troubleshooting support requests. There are several web browsers out there, including (but not limited to) Internet Explorer/Edge, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. You can use this website to check what browser you are on.  


  • Please remember once you have submitted a support ticket to respond to that ticket with things such as: more information requested or more information you would like to provide in general, another issue related directly to the one submitted, etc. Please do not send in multiple tickets to support regarding the same issue. This can cause confusion, and delay the time in resolving the issue(s) at hand.

Hard Refresh

  • If edits/updates have been made to your website, but are not appearing on your end—please try to do a hard refresh by hitting Ctrl + F5 (on a PC) or Command+Shift+R (on a Mac
  • For more information on using hard refresh, please see http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/cache/